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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ok so I decided to try a new

I'm actually submitting Teacher's Pet now instead of Teaching Between Midnight and dawn. This is soooooo fricken frustrating. oh my

I sent out some more submissions, and got the normal we'll get back to you e-mail. I even got a couple of we'll take it, but I was a lil apprehensive about the offers.roll

I digress, anyway one company sent me a rejection within a couple of hours! Is this possible? I thought it would at least take a week?dry

Which has been the normal rejection time! (lol) lol

Did they even read it?

I even went back to their page to make sure that I hadn't misread the submission guidelines, and what the actual house was looking for, what they print, and if they actually had authors who wrote my type of fiction?

Ok so is the interracial aspect still taboo? dry

Can they really have read the entire submission that fast?

And why is it that if you're a minority writer, they automatically expect you to submit to a publisher who "SPECIALIZES" in your type of fiction.

Are we really still this archaic? mad

Does the fact that the character has an ounce of African-American blood automatically oust you as a writer? Do you then need to submit with a house who "SPECIALIZES" in your type of fiction?roll

Does main stream America still believe that people only want to read about plots and characters like Twilight?oh my

Are we really considered just mindless drones with no intellect, articulation or wit by the vast amount of publishing companies out there?

I'm at a loss.

Go figure.

Or is anything with a lil minority sex in it still too taboo?


Would really appreciate some feed back guys.

Just another Rant of the