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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hay, Hay, Hay!

School is about to start back for me in a week. dry

I feel pretty accomplished for the summer. I finished books 4 of the lycan-vamp series, halfway done with 5, and wrote half of book three of the Fae series. wink

Now I just wish someone would actually buy them lol. I'm still a little peeved about the two perspective thing, and can't seem to get over it just yet. I need a poll, because I'd really like to know from readers if this is annoying or like a friend of mine said some antiquated rule for publishingcompanies so they can keep themselves on top?(Her Words, NOT Mine lol.)

I'm kinda looking forward to skool, and new students, but I'm wondering if maybe I should put this on the back burner.sad

My only comfort is a book that a friend gave me called "Dirty Rotten lil Rejections", and I was surprised to see people like Mark Twain got rejected 35 times before he found someone who actually liked Huck Finn, Steven Spielberg’s E.T got rejected 25 times before he found a company willing to see his perspective, and we won't even speak about classics like Jane Austen, Emily andCharlotte, and Poe.oh my

This gives me some small form of comfort because every one who reads my stuff likes it.

I had a student make me give her the first three books, because she said that she couldn't put them down. That to me is the coolest compliment, and she liked the two perspectives.

The crazy thing, is that I don't know what else to do, because one company says do it this way, and the next one says do it that way, so how is a body to know what they really WANT!

Just rambling on today guys, and if anybody out there knows, let me know. PLeaseeeeeeeeeee!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boo hoo.


So I'm back from Vegas.
I feel kind of blah this week, and as crazy as it seems, I'll be so ready to go back to work. I've been off for a month now, and I'm going stir crazy.
I need a real vacation lol. Maybe that'll turn my mood, especially if I'm craving work. But there's so much to do in Vegas, and I actually wished that I had more time. Goin back for my B-day and that should be a blast.

But I finished book four, and started on book 5. Happy about that at least. I also started on book three of the fairy series, but am kinda stuck. My Creative writing Professor always said if you get stuck, go back to the first five paragraphs to find your plot. Usually it works, so who knows hee-tee. I'm gonna try. I was stuck on book four for months, and then just rearranged some stuff, and like magick it was done.

Anyway, since I haven't written a blog in a while I thought I would.'

The Old Becomes New


So I was going thru some old stuff and found some of my first scribblings, and was amazed at how far I've come as a writer.

I was so stoked, that I started writing on them again and it's actually fun. wink

These would be the everyday stuff that I told you guys about.

I think I might post one for all you guys that aren't really into the vamps and lycans.

Check em out, maybe you'll like them too.tongue

Thanks guys for all of the support.

Who knows, maybe I'll actually get published

Just Curious


So I'm over my lil bruised ego thing, and writing like the mad hatter. Not to mention that I got to see Transformer in IMAX, so I'm pretty cheery right about nowwink.

Shia is a lil cutie.

But my friends and I were contemplating the many woes and aspects of dating, and we reached a dilemma;

Is internet dating just as bad as the regular bar scene, club, and social hang out?

To this, I cried an emphatic yes!oh my

It is the same meat market, and if anyone (that is of course besides the claims of that bullsh&^ E-harmony) has made a lasting relationship out of an internet marriage, or relationship, I'll eat my words.

So of course ma gurls are a lil upset after this comment of mine, especially a specific one, because she met her fiance on an online dating services. So to rub salt in the wound I tell them about my professor.dry

She found love, or so she said on the internet to a nice hottie German man. After three years of marriage and a toddler, he left her for a young cutie that he met on another site. (hahaha j/k, I'm jaded)lol. Is this not the same bull crap that goes on in the regular world?

So my question is this.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on one of those B.S sites to get rejected, broken hearted, and up to your neck in credit card debt, when you can do that at a local pub, bar or club?

At least you got the tequila to comfort the sting of rejection.

teehee. I'm out

The Pincool

Dazed and Confused cont...

So I had to post this one as well. It's a debate my friend and I had about the earlier post.


So I was talking with a colleague from work a few minutes ago, and we were discussing the blog I left in the wee hours of the marnin, and thinking on a logical intellectual perspective, I'm still clueless as to why someone would be that blatant about race.dry

So my fellow teacher says that, everyone should be entitled to their preference, w/o someone seeing them as racist. And the very fact that I took it this way says that I am judging him unfairly, because it is his preference to date who he chooses.tongue

O.k. granted, it is his preference, but to send someone a message like that still boggles my mind. Wouldn't it have been more polite, to just simply say something like, "since we live so far away, I think it wouldn't work?" or " I'm never in one place for long periods of time so the long distance thing doesn't work for me?"

There are millions of excuses that someone could use, to blow someone off without a direct reference to their race. Not to mention he asked me if I would be interested in meeting him? I never once took it outside of just an online friend.oh my

My colleague's answer to this was; "So you automatically assumed that he's a racist because he has a preference?"sad

My answer to this; OMG! Of course not. But my Profile states clearly in the bio what I am mixed with, and unless he couldn't read, didn't read it, or took it on face value that because I am of a light complexion that I was full blood Mexican, because this is what Hispanic is, he's just an idiot.dry

Not to mention there are several ways that one can extradite themselves from a situation like this w/o referring to race. And the simple fact that not only did he say that he couldn't date me because I have black blood, but he told me to remove him from my friends page.

How else could one explain this? (scratches head here)roll

If anyone out there has a clue, please clue me in, because I can not fathom an explanation for this.

My friend had no explanation for this part either (tee-hee)

However my Alternative friend said that this is a total Hetero problem, because in the rainbow world, heart, mind and soul make all the difference, and if the person is hot that's just a plus. He said that this is a commonly found Hetro problem, because they would never think about the person's skin color before they dated them.wink

And they're the ones who get bashed sheesh!; maybe if the Hetro world had this attitude, we'd all get along ahellva lot better.big grin

Ummm WTF?


So I have a myspace like nearly everyone else on the planet, and I was making the rounds one night and came across this guy that seemed pretty nice and added him as a friend.

He sent me a response to my request, then added me.

I thought it was pretty kool, but just left it at that.

Kind of leery of the internet dating thing.roll

Well he seemed nice enough, and he started to message me.

At one point he even asked me to hook up with him.

I was kinda not feeling it, but he was pretty cute so I messaged him back, and said maybe.

Well most of people who know me know that I'm mixed.

My mother is Puerto Rican, Native American, African-American and Irish, and my dad is Cuban. big grin

So I send a message asking him if he read that I was mixed? I assumed he did because my profile says it. Anyway I ask just to make sure.

My profile says Hispanic, which is kind of a pet peeve of mine because all Latin people are not the same, but America doesn't seem to get that.

Puerto Ricans, Costa Ricans, Cubans, Dominicanas, Ecuadorians, Nicaraguans, and I could go on and on, many consider themselves Island people, not Hispanic. Anyway , I digress.

Well this is what he sent back to me after I told him I was mixed;dry





I nearly fell off my chair.unsure (I obviously left his name out.) Not only could he not spell, nor did he have a job, but I have never received a message like this in my life. I grew up in the Hollywood hills, and have never experienced anything like this. Sh*t, the first boyfriend I ever had was white!

This makes me more sad than angry, because it simply states that America is still very ingrained in its archaic beliefs, and I thank GOD that my parents didn't believe this way, or I wouldn't be here.wink

Maybe this is why I'm having such a hard time of getting my book published, because there are people like this person still out there.