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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dazed and Confused cont...

So I had to post this one as well. It's a debate my friend and I had about the earlier post.


So I was talking with a colleague from work a few minutes ago, and we were discussing the blog I left in the wee hours of the marnin, and thinking on a logical intellectual perspective, I'm still clueless as to why someone would be that blatant about race.dry

So my fellow teacher says that, everyone should be entitled to their preference, w/o someone seeing them as racist. And the very fact that I took it this way says that I am judging him unfairly, because it is his preference to date who he chooses.tongue

O.k. granted, it is his preference, but to send someone a message like that still boggles my mind. Wouldn't it have been more polite, to just simply say something like, "since we live so far away, I think it wouldn't work?" or " I'm never in one place for long periods of time so the long distance thing doesn't work for me?"

There are millions of excuses that someone could use, to blow someone off without a direct reference to their race. Not to mention he asked me if I would be interested in meeting him? I never once took it outside of just an online friend.oh my

My colleague's answer to this was; "So you automatically assumed that he's a racist because he has a preference?"sad

My answer to this; OMG! Of course not. But my Profile states clearly in the bio what I am mixed with, and unless he couldn't read, didn't read it, or took it on face value that because I am of a light complexion that I was full blood Mexican, because this is what Hispanic is, he's just an idiot.dry

Not to mention there are several ways that one can extradite themselves from a situation like this w/o referring to race. And the simple fact that not only did he say that he couldn't date me because I have black blood, but he told me to remove him from my friends page.

How else could one explain this? (scratches head here)roll

If anyone out there has a clue, please clue me in, because I can not fathom an explanation for this.

My friend had no explanation for this part either (tee-hee)

However my Alternative friend said that this is a total Hetero problem, because in the rainbow world, heart, mind and soul make all the difference, and if the person is hot that's just a plus. He said that this is a commonly found Hetro problem, because they would never think about the person's skin color before they dated them.wink

And they're the ones who get bashed sheesh!; maybe if the Hetro world had this attitude, we'd all get along ahellva lot better.big grin

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