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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just Curious


So I'm over my lil bruised ego thing, and writing like the mad hatter. Not to mention that I got to see Transformer in IMAX, so I'm pretty cheery right about nowwink.

Shia is a lil cutie.

But my friends and I were contemplating the many woes and aspects of dating, and we reached a dilemma;

Is internet dating just as bad as the regular bar scene, club, and social hang out?

To this, I cried an emphatic yes!oh my

It is the same meat market, and if anyone (that is of course besides the claims of that bullsh&^ E-harmony) has made a lasting relationship out of an internet marriage, or relationship, I'll eat my words.

So of course ma gurls are a lil upset after this comment of mine, especially a specific one, because she met her fiance on an online dating services. So to rub salt in the wound I tell them about my professor.dry

She found love, or so she said on the internet to a nice hottie German man. After three years of marriage and a toddler, he left her for a young cutie that he met on another site. (hahaha j/k, I'm jaded)lol. Is this not the same bull crap that goes on in the regular world?

So my question is this.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on one of those B.S sites to get rejected, broken hearted, and up to your neck in credit card debt, when you can do that at a local pub, bar or club?

At least you got the tequila to comfort the sting of rejection.

teehee. I'm out

The Pincool

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