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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey Thar

O.k People,

So I know it's been a while, been really busy with my students; God can't wait for winter break. Only crappy part, is that Arnold got rid of 500 classes, laid off 200 teachers and college employees, and our dept feels like the axe has only swung half way. I'm seriously keeping my fingers crossed.

So besides the harsh feel of work, my werld is gravy. Still working on book five, been in a slump on that one. Got a wicked virus, and had to have my entire hard drive wiped, only kewl thing about that; was that I got the hook up for Windows 7, and it rocks.

Looking forward to the holidays, and even thinking about writing a holiday romance, featuring Gargoyles hee hee.

Other than that, nuthins happening. My xmas wish is to be published, so send out a prayer, or a Christmas wish for me guys, and I'll do the same; and maybe even cross my fingers too.

I love this time of year............

Pin Out

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