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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Winner is???

Winner of the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series Contest Nyclocs.

I hope you totally enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!!! Congratulations to Nyclos,and to check out more contest and giveaways and the latest on the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series, Trailers, Next Books in the series and updates, check out the site @

Monday, December 12, 2011



Got some really good responses from the post Conundrum, keep the ideas coming guys! They’re great, and I’ve already set three of them aside that i may use for the ending of the book!

Ps, the contest for a free digital copy of my book Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn is still going strong. The end date is the Dec. 23rd, so log on and automatically be entered to win! :) ( go to the shout out page and leave ur solution to Em’s problem).

Friday, December 9, 2011



Got an idea for a new Women’s Contemporary fiction book and wanna run it by my editor.

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she was telling me about this huge conundrum that she’s in. I thought that I would the scenario for a new book. Then I thought I would send it out, have you guys respond to it, and then whoever has the best answer, I’ll base the ending of the book on what they wrote back to me. You’ll get partial credit for the concept, be acknowledged at the end of the book for your contributions, and get some fame out of it lol.

However, there are some stipulations for answers:

. You Can Not answer in a Christian tone, (i.e, you’re goin to hell in gasoline draws, God is gonna punish you, or the Bible says blazay, blazay….)

2. She is NOT a hoe, so I won’t accept answers like that.

3. Give serious answers, on what you think she should do.

4. Whichever is the best answer I’m gonna use for the ending of the book.


My friend and I were having coffee the other day, and I asked how her love life was going. She started laughing hysterically, and then commenced to tell me about it. She’d been dating this older guy, (she’s 35) for over a year now, but they have absolutely nothing common. (Yes sometimes this is good, but others it can be a disaster, which is what they are.) They have nothing in common whatsoever.

My friend, we’ll just say Emma, is a progressive liberal-near socialist, and he’s a conservative. They have nothing in common, except sex, (here she says it is off the chain hahaha). The sex is amazing, but they can’t have a normal conversation without it turning into an argument. Yet, despite this craziness, s says that he is a very sweet person (I’ve met him a couple of times and other than his spews of bollix on social issues he seemed nice enough). He does anything to make her happy, but he won’t see anyone else’s views as valid. He constantly talks shite about anything other than his views or beliefs, like the fact that education is a rip off, professors are shysters ( here you know I wanted to punch him the f*** out!) but they have been together for a year and she loves him to some degree; (but I think it’s more that she’s comfortable, he’s dependable, and she feels like since she’s 35 she doesn’t want to get out there in the meat market of dating).

Well, she happened to be at starbucks getting coffee and some guy asked what she was ordering out of the blue, and she turned to see who it was, and she said she was like wow( I know, already an intro for a book lol, I just need to make him extra yummy lol). They started talking, and he asked her for coffee the following week.

She decided to go, and said that she had a blast.

Here in lies her problem; she found out that he was only 26 years old (hahahahaha! Yes, I feel like use and abuse him for all of us over 35 year old women!).

He is everything that she wants. He’s funny, caring, likes the things that she likes, is kewl wit her 12 year old son, notices things, (like she got a hair cut, lost weight) and she has been dating him on the side for the last 4 months. Well, it’s been 4 months, but she hasn’t told the other guy that she’s been dating the 26 year old.

Last week she said that it got intimate, and here I’m sorry but I couldn’t help laughing; because she said that the 26 year old was only 5’9 and hung like a horse! (LmmfaO, Hahahahaha!).

Well, my answer to this could have gone several ways. But seeing as how we’ve been friends for over a decade, she already knows what I’m gonna say to her. So I thought, I’d put it out there to you guys, and see what you thought? I already told her that I was gonna use it for a women’s fiction, so go ahead and give me your best.

She said that she was reluctant to make a choice, and I asked her why; this is what she said.

1. She’s 35 years old with a 12 year old son, and could she really have a relationship of significance with a 26 year old?

2. The 43 year old is stability, even if he is a dick most of the time

3. What if next week the 26 year old decided to date someone his own age, and where does that leave her if she gives up the 43 year old?

4. Although she is totally enraptured with the 26 year old, he wants things that she doesn’t (children, marriage), and wants her to want the same.

So, here is what you have to answer;

What would you advise her to do?

C’mon y’all make em good. Whichever is the best is the one that I’m gonna use for the book, will be posted on all the book sites, and you get credit for your answer if I use it.


The contest for the free digital copy of Teaching between Midnight and Dawn is still going strong ( go to shout outs). The contest end date is Dec 23rd, so get your shout outs in by then if you want to win. By leaving a shout out, you're automatically entered for a chance to win. If you have vamp and werewolf fans as friends, this would be the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer from you.

Thanks a bunch Alie~

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Very excited today,

Just finished two new interviews, one with Jagged Edge, EPIC BLOG INTERVIEW,( posted on 1/6/12) and it was so much fun. I was surprised at my answers to the interviewers questions, but it was great just the same. I'll let you guys know when the interview goes up so you can check it out, and see how much you truly know about me, tee-hee!

Love y'all.
Oh, p.s. the contest for the free digital copy of Teaching between Midnight and Dawn is still going strong ( got to shout outs) The contest end date is Dec 23rd, so get your shout outs in by then if you want to win. By leaving a shout out, you're automatically entered for a chance to win. If you have vamp and werewolf fans as friends, this would be the perfect holiday gift from you.

Thanks a bunch

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holidays...


Today is a new day, whoot hoot. Lost of writing to do today, because since i decided to push back book 11 and make it 12, I have loads of RESEARCH to do for the new book lol, but i love it anyway.
I'm happy today, because I'm doing two online interviews, and this is sooo much fun. When i finish and they have posted I'll let you guys know about it.
The site came out really good after I took some suggestions from a fellow writer; and i can say that she hit it the nail on the head, and I'm enjoying it better as well.
The new trailers are up, and I should have the ones up for the Historical ones up sometime next week. With this being the holiday season so much is to be done, so sometime with demands from family this stuff can get backlogged.
But anyway I'm pretty happy with the trailers. Can you guess which shot is of me at 17 lol?
I used my daughters and nieces for the main female characters, and this was so fun.
My oldest daughter was shocked, but she loved it anyway.
So check out the site ( and see the new trailers.
Not to mention they are so kewl to make. I want people to see what I see, that love has no color, that love is just that; LOVE.
Romance for me encompasses this completely and totally.
Although this site is for updates on the Teaching series, for those of you who like Contemporary Women's fiction, and Historical Period pieces, the site has those for y'all as well.
Check Out Educating Lies, A Slow Time to Love, or Shades of Grey.
I had such a great time writing these, because they were outside of my normal writing; so I just ran with it and had fun with it.
Just so the people out there know, my main female characters are of mixed race (eg. African-America/white, Japanese/Irish/African-American, Romanian/African-American) so being of mixed blood myself, I write from that perspective. But I totally hope that this will not deter you from reading my books, watching my trailers, or buying my books; because a good story is just that; regardless of race.
At least that's the way that I feel...


Have a great Holiday season, and don't for get to give...

Friday, December 2, 2011


Off today and thought that I would just hang out at Starbucks and check out how the book's doing, get some atmospheric blogs goin on, and just do and be nothing for the day.

I shopped on a couple of writer's sites, and was surprised to find that there is a lot of "Hater Aid" out there! This I was surprised at, because if I happen to be the next big thing there is no way that I wouldn't want to give the next writer all the tips that I could to help them make it as well.

But what I found were a lot of pretentious writers, authors and reviewers who think their booties don't stink just like the rest of us.

At one site people even took issue with authors who posted their already published works (no not me! Lol), and said things like, this is not for you, go to the published page, or if you want to add to this thread you need to be unpublished. Or the famous one, they just erased their links, post, and anything related to the person! (Way harsh y'all lol)

But what I'm very surprised about is that this so called elite intellectual community of ours, where ppl supposedly aspire to assuage the minds of the public with both literature and meaning; are a bunch of school yard kids who basically are saying; If I can't be quarterback, then I'm takin my ball and going home!

And then writing as a whole?

I mean c'mon why should any literature be pigeon holed, except by it's genre? Why should it be labeled as Black literature, Latino literature, Asian literature ect. I've never seen the title Cacuasion literature? Have you? (Seriously, I'm curious I wanna know. If you find it send it to me) If I read Shakespeare, do I look for the title that states; written by a white British man, but its speculated that Phillip Marlo actually wrote it? So why is it implied by a label that any book is 1. Written by a minority or 2. About minorities? Wtf is this? Should not the book be reviewed or read because its a good book, not what color/race the character or the writer is?

But then if this were the case, then I would be living in a euphoric, beatific, cool, crazy, delighted, dreamy, ecstatic, elated, enchanted, enraptured state of none existence, hahahaha! Where Utopia actually exists. Yea F'n right.

But then I guess I sorta look at Love through rose colored glasses, because the person's race should not matter in love. If it did then I wouldn't be here, nor my kiddies.

Seriously, I am at a loss on how to market my own book lol! I mean should it matter to the average soccer mom that my character isn't white if the story's good? Should it matter to the African-American business ex that my character is Latina and African?

This is the semantic, acceptable, allowable Bullshit that I find so irritating! Wolves, Vamps and anything else supernatural are not normal in the first place; so why would any of this f'n bolix matter? Lol, I swear it gets under my skin!!!

But anyway, after two cups of this amazing Egg Nog Latte` I felt a bit better, but wired as hell! What do they put in that coffee at SB lol.

Alie out!