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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holidays...


Today is a new day, whoot hoot. Lost of writing to do today, because since i decided to push back book 11 and make it 12, I have loads of RESEARCH to do for the new book lol, but i love it anyway.
I'm happy today, because I'm doing two online interviews, and this is sooo much fun. When i finish and they have posted I'll let you guys know about it.
The site came out really good after I took some suggestions from a fellow writer; and i can say that she hit it the nail on the head, and I'm enjoying it better as well.
The new trailers are up, and I should have the ones up for the Historical ones up sometime next week. With this being the holiday season so much is to be done, so sometime with demands from family this stuff can get backlogged.
But anyway I'm pretty happy with the trailers. Can you guess which shot is of me at 17 lol?
I used my daughters and nieces for the main female characters, and this was so fun.
My oldest daughter was shocked, but she loved it anyway.
So check out the site ( and see the new trailers.
Not to mention they are so kewl to make. I want people to see what I see, that love has no color, that love is just that; LOVE.
Romance for me encompasses this completely and totally.
Although this site is for updates on the Teaching series, for those of you who like Contemporary Women's fiction, and Historical Period pieces, the site has those for y'all as well.
Check Out Educating Lies, A Slow Time to Love, or Shades of Grey.
I had such a great time writing these, because they were outside of my normal writing; so I just ran with it and had fun with it.
Just so the people out there know, my main female characters are of mixed race (eg. African-America/white, Japanese/Irish/African-American, Romanian/African-American) so being of mixed blood myself, I write from that perspective. But I totally hope that this will not deter you from reading my books, watching my trailers, or buying my books; because a good story is just that; regardless of race.
At least that's the way that I feel...


Have a great Holiday season, and don't for get to give...

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