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Friday, December 2, 2011


Off today and thought that I would just hang out at Starbucks and check out how the book's doing, get some atmospheric blogs goin on, and just do and be nothing for the day.

I shopped on a couple of writer's sites, and was surprised to find that there is a lot of "Hater Aid" out there! This I was surprised at, because if I happen to be the next big thing there is no way that I wouldn't want to give the next writer all the tips that I could to help them make it as well.

But what I found were a lot of pretentious writers, authors and reviewers who think their booties don't stink just like the rest of us.

At one site people even took issue with authors who posted their already published works (no not me! Lol), and said things like, this is not for you, go to the published page, or if you want to add to this thread you need to be unpublished. Or the famous one, they just erased their links, post, and anything related to the person! (Way harsh y'all lol)

But what I'm very surprised about is that this so called elite intellectual community of ours, where ppl supposedly aspire to assuage the minds of the public with both literature and meaning; are a bunch of school yard kids who basically are saying; If I can't be quarterback, then I'm takin my ball and going home!

And then writing as a whole?

I mean c'mon why should any literature be pigeon holed, except by it's genre? Why should it be labeled as Black literature, Latino literature, Asian literature ect. I've never seen the title Cacuasion literature? Have you? (Seriously, I'm curious I wanna know. If you find it send it to me) If I read Shakespeare, do I look for the title that states; written by a white British man, but its speculated that Phillip Marlo actually wrote it? So why is it implied by a label that any book is 1. Written by a minority or 2. About minorities? Wtf is this? Should not the book be reviewed or read because its a good book, not what color/race the character or the writer is?

But then if this were the case, then I would be living in a euphoric, beatific, cool, crazy, delighted, dreamy, ecstatic, elated, enchanted, enraptured state of none existence, hahahaha! Where Utopia actually exists. Yea F'n right.

But then I guess I sorta look at Love through rose colored glasses, because the person's race should not matter in love. If it did then I wouldn't be here, nor my kiddies.

Seriously, I am at a loss on how to market my own book lol! I mean should it matter to the average soccer mom that my character isn't white if the story's good? Should it matter to the African-American business ex that my character is Latina and African?

This is the semantic, acceptable, allowable Bullshit that I find so irritating! Wolves, Vamps and anything else supernatural are not normal in the first place; so why would any of this f'n bolix matter? Lol, I swear it gets under my skin!!!

But anyway, after two cups of this amazing Egg Nog Latte` I felt a bit better, but wired as hell! What do they put in that coffee at SB lol.

Alie out!

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