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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Author Alexandria Infante. 
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn & A Lite Farie Tale Series...

last month was cray, cray lol.
 I feel so bad; I've neglected the blog for almost two months. I released 12 titles so far, and with the marketing stuff I'm doing on my own now, it was completely insane.  I re-released Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn, because I was completely appalled when an fellow colleague of mine bought the book, then asked if it had ever been edited.
Believe me; I was mortified, especially since I am a teacher.
What I did was basically a re-write, and I swear it's so much better for it. I'm offering it for free this month on the site, so you guys check it out if you like.
that pretty much sparked the riff between my publishing company Eternal Press/Damnation Books and me, because they didn't want to re-edit it; then said that I should have caught the errors. This was hysterically funny to me, because that's what the F*** an editor is for. Moreover, the even funnier thing, is, the supposed CEO edited the book, so that should have told me something.
For those of you out there looking for a home for your work, I'm sending out red flags, red alerts, fireworks, WWII warning systems, and just screaming from the top of my mf lungs, to tell you to stay the hell away from them! If you wanna hear my horror story, just drop me a line, especially if it can save someone from those baskets!
On a happy note, I just released Dark Premonitions today, and I can honestly say it looks awesome.
Encase I didn't say it, the lovely young ladies on the cover are all related to me lol.
My daughters are on book 2 and 3, and my niece is on book 4.
Since they're so lovely, I just decided to use them; plus its free labor tee-hee.
That's pretty much an update on my doings, and each of the books are on Amazon now. also, you can read sample chapters on the sites as well. (paranormal/vamps, weres) (paranormal, faries) (historical) (contemporary)
Available on Amazon Now
T.B.M.D; Arieanna's Legend
T.M.T.N; kissing cousins
T.C.B.M; the Arvantes
Dark Premonitions; the seeker (Oct.21st)
Midna's Farie Tale
To Teach is Divine
A Lad's Trousers
A Slow Time to Love
Fire & Ice.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Hellva Month...

Well hey guys…

my publishing company and I unfortunately parted ways. I know that sounds terrible, but in the end I believe it is to my benefit. We still have some hiccups, and I hope they’re ironed out soon; because I seriously don’t wanna haf to get ghetto!

Other than that, I’m on a high. Datin a new cutie with the most amazing grey- blue eyes, and lashes that would make any woman just hate, (younger than me I mite add too tee-hee. Lovin that hahaha) but above all its his sweetest disposition.

Also, published my first title myself, and I am telling you;when it was done and I saw what I could do, I did my own lil jig lol. So, since my tit with my company I’ve released Midna’s Farie Tale, Mendacity, Fire & Ice,  A Lad’s Trousers and A Slow Time to Love; all on Amazon so you guys check em out.

As well, I’ve added three new sites besides the,

I was over on LinkedIn and there was this thread about websites, and it never dawned on me I could have one site for each genre; so hence the three new sites hahaha. So head on over and check them out.

On a personal level, I guess I’m inclined to agree with my horoscope for this month; because I have been a busy lil bee. I plan on looking for a new pub company, and have already started soliciting some new ones. Nevertheless, for now  I’m just gonna stick with Amazon till I find the right one this time. It was a nightmare, but I won’t bore you guys with the details.

Reviews this month are coming in for Mendacity, Midna’s Farie Tale and Fire &Ice. I’m really stoked by them too.

So far 4 and 5!
Teach Me the Night; kissing cousins is out next month, so look for it to guys on amazon. 
And don’t forget this month’s contest for a chance to win any of the above.
head on over to to enter

Missed you guys
Alie out!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I am sooo confused o-0

Author Alexandria Infante. Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series...

every 2nd Friday of the month, my gurls and I get together and do the lil club thang. It serves two purposes for me;
1.      I get to ogle young hotties (tee-hee-hee) and
2.      I get new material for my books.

     Anyway, afterwards, as most clubbers do, (especially us old skool) we went to Norm’s, and ordered the most fattening food, then regretted it afterwards.
    While chowin down, one of my closest asked about a new conundrum she finds herself in right now. She’s 43 and had the bright idea to date a 26 year old, and although he has the most amazing grey-blue eyes, lovely blonde bald head lol, and an enormously tight body; she went in on his flaws.

After twenty minutes of her venting, I just looked at her like she was crazy.
1.      Because she’d just completely just f’ed up my buzz, and
2.      I really didn’t know what to say.

    Apparently, as hot as he was (seriously, he is tho, and I’m hattin a lil bit hahah)
His flaws were wearing thin. Not to mention he was a speed demon in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.
    Here, I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically, which earned me a lap full of fries. Anyway, as much as she was into him, it seemed to be the bedroom thing that bugged her the most.
     I suggested she tell him to do the big MB, or Kegials, and more fries came my way as I continued to laugh. She then went on to say, that her Ex had been leaving her text messages lately. 

    It seems that he’d remodeled his home (suggestion she’d actually made to him) added a new jacuzzi, and invited her over to test it out with Kabobs, Mascot, Cojibas, and heat lamps.
    Once again, I couldn’t stop laughing, because I suddenly pictured this as a scene for a new book.
    Well, they did seem to have this awesome sex life from what she’d told me, but they couldn’t f’n stand each other. To me he was this pretentious prick, who thought only his opinion matter ( unfortunately in academia, I encounter this on a regular basis), and most of the time he was an A-hole to her. The new guy seemed sweet as can be, practically worshiped the ground she walked on, but he was obviously lacking in the bedroom.
This reminds me of “He’s just not into you”, only the reversal, “She’s just not that into you besides your looks”, lol.

I guess my question is;
“If the sex is bad, will we ultimately return to someone we know is toxic for us; just because the sex was off the chain?”
I swear this is my next book people lol.
    I just feel like, she needs to return to this guy, like she needs a hole in her head; but for the simple fact that he puts it down like that, she is completely wide open.
I won’t repeat all the new guy’s flaws ( but I think she did say there was some snoring involved hahaha), but is the sex really that important?

I guess this is my real question.
    “Would you dump someone just because they shot the gun too fast; male or female?”

Give me a shout out, and tell me your thoughts on it. I know she’s completely frustrated, which is why she’s been considering the ex’s text, if for nuthing else; to be broken off hahaha!
    I could give her advice, but it would be purely erotic tainted, and just sooo bad hahah; and I’d be like… well never mind hahaha!

Anywaz…tell me what you think?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Author Alexandria Infante. This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

     Since Sundays seem to be the only day that I don’t have a million fricken things to do, I’ve decided that I’ll make Sundays blog day. For some reason your body seems to just go into that lazy mode, and won’t come out of it :)

     In my quest for the perfect relaxing Sunday, I did a bit of internet surfing, downloaded some new tunes, and just pretty much vegged; with a cold glass of mascot or as the popular term so deems it, mascoto. 

And no I didn’t do it wit no hands… :/

     Well, my music library is pretty nil now (since my music man isn’t home for the summer yet :( ) especially since it seems like there’s a new hit every five seconds, so I thought I’d replenish it. And since I write Romance, I try to keep my library full of sexy cuts like Trey, Drake, Omarion, Robin Thicke, Bachatas, and even some alternative love songs. 

       So, in my quest for love songs, or just some get down and get nasty music, hahaha, cuz I need that too since I write sensual Paranormal Romance; I paused to think about the slow jam, the alternative love song, or some of that just plain amazing 70s and 80 music that was sung by some relatively hot looking guy who swears that he meant the words that he sang. 

(Love songs by women are entirely different), and for today this is about the  

     Steven Tyler’s, “Don’t go to Sleep”, Player’s “Baby Come back”, Journey’s “Send Her My Love”, Incubus’ “Wish You were Here”, Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” Nevershoutnever’s “Trouble” Crossfades "Cold" and Trap’s “Echo;” they all seem to imply some romantic sense of what men think. Especially, when that certain woman decides that she’s had enough and walks. 

     But as I delved deeper into the music, I found myself going back to my roots, R&B, Bichatas, and the like. 

My first impression was;  why can’t men really think like this? 
     Seeing that I write sensual romance, I normally get my creative juices (my brain people) flowing when I listen to music. If it’s a fight scene, then it’s Evanescence, Nickel Back, Link n’ Park, Three days Grace, Disturbed ect.  If it’s dialogue, then it Michael Bubble’, good old Frank, and 70s & 80s music as a whole. 

        However, when I get to the intimate scenes or argument scenes where the two main characters are pissed, have a huge fight to which one eventually storms out; I find myself going back to real R&B, (Tank, Tyrese, Usher, Robin, Jon. B., Trey, Jamie) or what my daughter and her friend like to coin  Ridiculously Black Slow Jams,  love songs (mostly women here, because after all, I am. I loveeee Adel) because it seems to stimulate my brain for what it is exactly that I need to write. 
But as I was listening to it, Trey Songz to be exact, Role Play I wondered to myself;

  “Why aren’t men really like this?” 
If you’ve watched any of his videos, you would think that he was in actuality, the “Black Casanova”, because the sensuality just exudes from his videos. After that I had an urge to watch the video, and I was still amazed at how men just don’t seem to get it? 

To my Male Counter parts out there;
This is what a woman wants!!! 
    Usher’s Trading Places is one of the hottest videos out there, and I suddenly thought; if men spent as much time watching these types of videos as they do say “Fucken Sports!” They would have a clue as to how a woman wants to be treated intimately, and essentially score major fricken brownie points.

( I actually dated someone who put it down like that lol, but we pretty much couldn't have a civil conversation; but even with that, it was that insane intimacy that kept us coming back to each other).

     Sadly enough, most men think that artist like Drake, Tyrese, Trey, and Usher  are punks, because they give up too much shit. But here’s the thing guys, if you took even the slightest amount of advice from their songs; you know that hot chick that you’ve been after for so long? 

     She would ultimately melt in your arms, if you took your head out cha ass for like two seconds and said hummm, “Maybe there is something to this.” I swear, she would be eternally yours. 

      Even if you’re well endowed if you don’t know how to use it, and when I say use it, not just the sex; but the sensuality of it, then you’re still a douche. But learning, is fun, and maybe even actually go so far as to ask her what “She” wants. 

You might just be the guy that women fight over.

      Have you ever wondered why that amazing looking chick was with what you would consider a douche or a nerd? It’s because they put her first (sexually, sensually, and emotionally) there is no such thing as emotionless sex, no matter how both sexes like to think that there is. Yet, to my male compradors, this intimacy is what keeps her there! 

     If you find that your relationship is lacking, your marriage just doesn't have that spark sexually anymore, or something is just missing; try reading Women's Fiction.
Even if it isn't manly, to you its actually research ;)

        Whether its a sexy Paranormal, a Hot Steamy Contemporary, or that Sensual Historical fiction: they all have one thing in common; they were written by Women and for Women. What better way to know the mind of a woman, or what she wants then to read it? Its there in plain English, what she wants, what she dreams, or her wildest fantasy...

     And if you're a guy who dates women of color, (African-American, Latina ect) you had better invest in some ethnic culture. The one major thing that the above artist have in common; is that women all over the world LOVE them, no matter what Race or Creed, and you know why? Because they speak to the heart of the women, and what she wants intimately...
And if you don't listen to R&B, try some today. But I mean real R&B, and if you don't know what that is, message me and I'll tell ya ;)

Justa thought.  

       If you’re a male reading this, women know what other women want. It’s just like when my younger brother used to say when I asked him about some guy I was dating; He said, “Don’t ask another man about a man, unless you want the truth.” That goes for us women too ;)

Friday, May 18, 2012


Author Alexandria Infante. This is the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series

   :o WTF??

 Okay, so I was looking up new trailers for the 2012 summer block buster. I happen to be on youtube, and thought I'd watch the new trailer for the Hobbit. It was good lol, and I can't wait to see it.

I started reading some of the posts, and was quite shocked at one that I read. The writer actually had the nerve to say that he wouldn't watch the movie, because the actor who plays Gandalf is played by an openly gay actor Ian McKellen.

Well this not only shocked me, but I was like can people really be this nasty?

Someone really had the balls to say that they wouldn't watch this movie, which will more than likely ( because Peter Jackson is back) be an amazing movie; because Ian McKellen is an openly gay actor?

Omg! WTF? :mad:

Ian McKellen is an amazing actor!

This is one of the problems that I have with the internet. People post some fake ass picture of themselves, avatars, celeb pics, or no picture at all, then they get to post the most racist, hateful, violent dribble known to man; all because there is no liability, and they don't have to take responsibility for what they say or do because of the anonymity!!

As the late great Bernie Mac would say, "This is some bullshit!":/

My feelings; to the guy who said that, you need to f'n grow up; because for something like that to come out of your  mouth shows your maturity level; no matter how old you are, and to anyone like you who thinks the same. I swear Homophobes have issues that neither science nor psychology can help.

But then I guess I shouldn't be too shocked because this is the society that we live in, where we bash others to make ourselves feel like we're something we're really not.

I say Rock on Ian, and then blow kisses to them from your amazingly talented British Arse!!! :P

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

cruising some of the sites that I subscribe to I found myself wondering; why is it that because the internet offers some form of anonymity, people seem to just run with that? Then I postulated the question; why are near Erotic and Erotic Romance Writers treated differently? Almost as if we were branded with a scarlet A among the writing community, because they never take us seriously. Perfect example; I liked over 100 author pages on amazon as a favor to some fellow authors. Ya know how many people liked my page, and kept shouting for me to add tags? 16 flippin people. Is that some janky arse shite or what?

Well anyway, you would not believe some of the comments that I received when I posted this same question. I have changed the names of the kind folks that posted, because I'm not trying to hurt people feelings, (well except for one tool who just wouldn't stop ranting!) :) its their opinions, and the great thing about America is we are entitled to them.

 But I do feel that some of the things that they said were not nice. But at the same time its good to get feedback from the public. Most of them have the misconception that all we erotic Romance novelist do is ply them with gratuitous sex, have no form, skills, hope of any kind of plot, goal for the writing, and our characters just aimlessly screw each other; and to this I do take OFFENSE. We as Romance, near Erotic and Erotic alike need to skool them, because we have substance, heart, talent, and everything else that a "Normal" fiction writer does.

C'mon fellow Erotic writers, let's storm the "Normal" fiction masses and show them what we can do!!! ;)

Some of the comments that were posted on the site...

M&A: wrote:
Interesting dilemma, Alexandria.I haven't read your books, but clearly you have put your heart and soul into them. I think there probably is a segment of the reading public that arbitrarily rejects the "erotic" label. Probably because of a perception that "erotic" is synonymous with gratuitous sex rather than what Faulkner referred to as the "heart" vs. "glands" in his Nobel Prize address. Can an erotic novel have pretensions to art? Of course it can in the hands of a serious novelist. Think Lady Chatterley's Lover. A marvelous novel, ahead of its time,though it would likely have been categorized "erotic" had it been written today. Now here's a bit of irony for you to ponder. I first read this as a young teenager in the "expurgated" version. Ran into a lot of asterisks. But it had great power as a love story. Some years later, when the ban was lifted, I read the "unexpurgated" version. Maybe it was dated by then, but I found some of the dialogue (passages like "F___k a flame") a little ridiculous. In the end, I thought the expurgated version was a better novel. What was left to the imagination was more powerful than some of the explicit passages. I think that is something for every serious novelist (such as yourself), writing in the erotic genre, to weigh carefully. 

Dickweed wrote:
 I find it difficult to take, any writer that uses 'kinda', 'lil', 'cuz', 'shud' (etc) too seriously - but, maybe, I am just an old British dinosaur ! (No offence meant) !( yea he is, but he should have tried punctuation first tee-hee.)

K&C wrote:
I think it depends. I imagine fans of the genre will take the writers seriously but there does seem to be a bit of a stigma on it. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't mind if there are erotic scenes in books, but in erotic novels that I've read, it seems that the big goal is to get two people into bed. And that's what the genre is about I know. But that's not what I read a book for. I also think that the genre has been hampered in the past a bit by some poor writing and hackneyed or cookie cutter plots. That could be changing, things becoming more sophisticated in the genre. So I do think in the writing world in general, the genre might still be looked down a bit, but I don't think that's necessarily fair. It has an audience and if the writing is good, it should be as respected for what it's supposed to be. 

L&M wrote: 
Yeah, I gotta say Alan (yeah, that's right, I typed "gotta"...hell not to mention "Yeah"), if offence (in America we spell it offense so you're spelling is really upsetting my spell check) was not meant, why say it? Obviously these are informal discussions in an online chat format, not book proposals or resumes. And please, don't get me started on British English. Much as I love things British, when I was there in the 80s, there were times I needed the Universal Translator just to understand people. After all, it wasn't Americans who created rhyming slang. I know the British think they invented English, but they didn't. They appropriated it from about 80 different other cultures thousands of years ago and slapped their own brand name on it when it started coming together in the form of a language. American English is just another branch of the tree.

Having said that, Alexandria, your stuff (yeah Alan, I typed "stuff") sounds interesting. If I have a complaint with the erotic genre it's with those books that put aside plot and character development for sex scenes. But you seem to have a pretty good balance. It's nice to have a strong female character too. I think one of the things affecting the respectability of the genre is the Harlequin Romance sort of work which I think a lot of people think of when they think romance or erotic fiction. They do seem a bit "assembly line." Maybe writers like you can bring some legitimacy to the genre. :) 

A&P wrote:
As a writer of erotic stories, I can tell you from the feedback I get on, people do take you seriously.

  So guys, just thought I'd share a few with you out there. I'll keep you posted with updates ;)