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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get Ready... Set... Go!


   Happy about today, manuscript sent off to start the tedious editing part, and I give editors all props! This is such a time consuming job. Not to mention, the author always accuses you of changing the voice of the character lol, (me sometimes too, but I've been very good at accepting change). So instead of Shades of Grey, which I really liked this title; the book is now called A Lad's Trousers lol. I kinda liked the word play, and the fact that she disguises herself as a boy to escape a murder trial.

   The trailer is right there>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    If you want to check it out lol. These things are really time consuming! seriously. I got a complaint from someone on my other site stating that the trailer's words flew by too fast, and she couldn't actually read it. So, thinking that if one was like that, they all were; so I commenced to re-do all 13 videos, and it took me almost 3 fricken days! Is that crazy or what? I seriously need a new Comp, (for all my fam and friends out thar, good idea for Mama's day present tee-hee) because the one that I have is so ancient and obsolete, that Toshiba would probably laugh hysterically in my face! :)

   Anyhoo, I finished them last nite, and uploaded half to youtube, but you know how they have that copyright thin is you use someone else's song, they send you that lil message. Which was the reason that I never did it before, but I'm having issues at my other site with spacing for trailers, and the staff are being a bunch of f...well never mind, but they certainly aren't helping the situation. So as soon as I have that rectified, you can catch the entire 13 book there, as well as read the excepts of the books.

   No Starbucks in weeks! Ugh! Got my internet situation taken care of, so I'm not having to pop off to Starbucks to post, or just take care of things, and I'm really missing the atmosphere :(. It always inspires me to write. Oh well, I guess I'll have to think of something else, although, I am seriously fening for a 9 pump Chai, with 6 shots of Gingerbread in it. YUM! I miss :)

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