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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I am sooo confused o-0

Author Alexandria Infante. Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series...

every 2nd Friday of the month, my gurls and I get together and do the lil club thang. It serves two purposes for me;
1.      I get to ogle young hotties (tee-hee-hee) and
2.      I get new material for my books.

     Anyway, afterwards, as most clubbers do, (especially us old skool) we went to Norm’s, and ordered the most fattening food, then regretted it afterwards.
    While chowin down, one of my closest asked about a new conundrum she finds herself in right now. She’s 43 and had the bright idea to date a 26 year old, and although he has the most amazing grey-blue eyes, lovely blonde bald head lol, and an enormously tight body; she went in on his flaws.

After twenty minutes of her venting, I just looked at her like she was crazy.
1.      Because she’d just completely just f’ed up my buzz, and
2.      I really didn’t know what to say.

    Apparently, as hot as he was (seriously, he is tho, and I’m hattin a lil bit hahah)
His flaws were wearing thin. Not to mention he was a speed demon in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.
    Here, I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically, which earned me a lap full of fries. Anyway, as much as she was into him, it seemed to be the bedroom thing that bugged her the most.
     I suggested she tell him to do the big MB, or Kegials, and more fries came my way as I continued to laugh. She then went on to say, that her Ex had been leaving her text messages lately. 

    It seems that he’d remodeled his home (suggestion she’d actually made to him) added a new jacuzzi, and invited her over to test it out with Kabobs, Mascot, Cojibas, and heat lamps.
    Once again, I couldn’t stop laughing, because I suddenly pictured this as a scene for a new book.
    Well, they did seem to have this awesome sex life from what she’d told me, but they couldn’t f’n stand each other. To me he was this pretentious prick, who thought only his opinion matter ( unfortunately in academia, I encounter this on a regular basis), and most of the time he was an A-hole to her. The new guy seemed sweet as can be, practically worshiped the ground she walked on, but he was obviously lacking in the bedroom.
This reminds me of “He’s just not into you”, only the reversal, “She’s just not that into you besides your looks”, lol.

I guess my question is;
“If the sex is bad, will we ultimately return to someone we know is toxic for us; just because the sex was off the chain?”
I swear this is my next book people lol.
    I just feel like, she needs to return to this guy, like she needs a hole in her head; but for the simple fact that he puts it down like that, she is completely wide open.
I won’t repeat all the new guy’s flaws ( but I think she did say there was some snoring involved hahaha), but is the sex really that important?

I guess this is my real question.
    “Would you dump someone just because they shot the gun too fast; male or female?”

Give me a shout out, and tell me your thoughts on it. I know she’s completely frustrated, which is why she’s been considering the ex’s text, if for nuthing else; to be broken off hahaha!
    I could give her advice, but it would be purely erotic tainted, and just sooo bad hahah; and I’d be like… well never mind hahaha!

Anywaz…tell me what you think?

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