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Friday, April 26, 2013


Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

New Authors, writers,
and anything else out there that is different...

So, when I first got into this business;

I decided to write a paranormal book from my own cultural perspective. I’m Latin (Puerto Ricania/ Cubanita), Irish, African-American and Native American.
Yet, I wanted my characters to reflect who I was, but incorporate other cultures as well. My paranormal books center on the myths of Asť, the Egyptian Goddess Isis, Osiris, Horus both Elder and Infant, Thoth, the Underworld, the legends of the first wolf King linked to Romulus and Remus, the Goddess Sekhmet, the Japanese Sun Goddess, Finnish and Keltic legends, Ancient Church societies like the Brotherhood, the Avantes and Flameni, Wyatt and Surrey, Tantric Sex, Spartacus, Merlin, Shamanistic Rituals and the legend of the ancient Blackfeet; and Teaching.

I’ve written 11 1/2 paranormals so far, (Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series) 3 paranormal Fae ( A Lite Farietale series) 4 Historical Romance, and 2 Contemporary Women’s fiction. My first book published was Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn by Eternal Press on Aug 7th of 2011.
Anyway, I thought I would take what we know of the paranormal genre, and instead of making the main character some kick ass detective, hunter, or private dick; I decided to throw a bunch of teachers in the mix, who had historical knowledge of what vampires, wolves and ghosties were all about; but would never in a million years believe it was true.
This my friends was...the...hardest...idea to sell to anyone!

Lol, but finally I did.

I received a bunch of rejection letters that were both painful and insightful; but I will say that the most hilarious one I received (won’t embarrass the editor because she wasn't prejudice, just more like ignorant; and she apologized profusely later) was from this company, who looked at my last name INFANTE and assumed the accents my Scottish werewolves have were actually typos. She said the book was very entertaining, but she was very concerned about my language skills, then suggested I take an English as a second language course. Needless to say, I laughed hysterically, sent her an email back and told her that not only was I a teacher, but the characters had accents.

After that, my sister gave me this awesome little book called, “Dirty Rotten Rejections,” and I still laugh every time I think about that one. The book was very uplifting, and told of the plights well known authors went through. Huckleberry Finn was rejected 35 times, E.T, 28, and a host of others. I bet the studios that rejected E.T are still kicking their own asses!


I wanted this blog for several reasons, because although we live in the 21st century, there are a vast many wrongly sighted stereotypes, labels, ethnic discrimination and beliefs that continue to be perpetuated out there in the real world. The very idea that a publishing company would think the average soccer mom wouldn't want to read my book, because the main female character is Half-Caucasian and Half-African seems preposterous to me.
Nevertheless, many of the editors I have spoken to in the last five years swear this is true. They themselves are in no way prejudice (at least they didn’t sound like they were), it’s just that this is still a business; and they want to be able to market what they know they can sell, (Hence Twilight. I have no prob wit Steph; I’m just not a fan. However, I am a fan of her popularity. Hook a sustah up Steph!)

Albeit, at the same time, I think it is equally unfair to be pigeonholed into one specific section (like because I’m multiracial my books should be in either the African-American section, or the Latina). This stems from that antediluvian idea of the “One Drop” rule bollix that continues to be preserved.

My blog today is for those of you who feel like I do, and want to vent lol, or just talk and swap ideas about the paranormal, historical, sci-fi, contemporary genre, and what we think would make it even better than it already is. Paranormal and many of its origins; Voodoo, Necromancy, Mystic entrancement, Sangria, Wicca, Magick, Volduron and a host of others, as well as the ancient spiritual workings which originated to begin with, which many subscribe to today are not from America.

Therefore, to classify them as one specific forum seems like complete bollix to me. Remember, America, Spain, as well as Rome wanted to stamp out anything that wasn't of a Christian/Catholic edict.

So, if you write, are an author already, are trying to get published, black, white, Latin, other, gay, straight; or anything in between (cuz I love transgender and transsexuals, you guys rock! Because if you can overcome that stereo type and keep on keepin on as my abuelito use to say; you deserve credit. I love you guys, you make me proud!)

 Feel free to stop by and join the blog!

Have an Awesome Day!!!

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