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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Newest Interview...whohoo!

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Check me out! Lol
My interview this week with Shonda Brock on her Paranormal Romance website.

It was such awesome fun! 

Christa Wojciechowski
Digital Marketing Specialist was awesome, and I made a new friend.

 Check it out guys.

 I'll post the new book reviews tomorrow ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Erotic & near Erotic Authors...

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series


Today, I postulated the question; why are near Erotic and Erotic Romance Writers treated differently. Almost as if, we were branded with a scarlet A among the writing community, because they never take us seriously.
Perfect example; I liked over 100 author pages on Amazon as a favor to some fellow authors. Ya know how many people liked my page, and kept shouting for me to add tags.  16 flippin people. Is that some janky arse shite or what lol? J/K J

Well anyway, you would not believe some of the comments I received when I posted this same question. I have changed the names of the kind folks that posted, because I’m not trying to hurt people’s feelings, (well except for one tool who just wouldn’t stop ranting!) :)

It’s their opinions, and the great thing about America is that we are entitled to them.

 However, I do feel that some of the things they said were a bit harsh. yet, at the same time its good to get feedback from the public. Most of them have the misconception that all we erotic Romance novelist do is ply them with gratuitous sex, have no form, skills, hope of any kind of plot, goal for the writing, and our characters just aimlessly screw each other; and to this I do take OFFENSE.
We as Romance, near Erotic and Erotic alike need to skool them lol, because we have substance, heart, talent, and everything else that a “Normal” fiction writer does.

C’mon fellow Erotic writers, let’s storm the “Normal” fiction masses and show them what we can do!!! ;)

Some of the comments that were posted on the site…

M&A: wrote:
Interesting dilemma, Alexandria I haven’t read your books, but clearly you have put your heart and soul into them. I think there probably is a segment of the reading public that arbitrarily rejects the “erotic” label. Probably because of a perception that “erotic” is synonymous with gratuitous sex rather than what Faulkner referred to as the “heart” vs. “glands” in his Nobel Prize address. Can an erotic novel have pretensions to art? Of course it can in the hands of a serious novelist. Think Lady Chatterley’s Lover. A marvelous novel, ahead of its time, though it would likely have been categorized “erotic” had it been written today. Now here’s a bit of irony for you to ponder. I first read this as a young teenager in the “expurgated” version. Ran into a lot of asterisks. But it had great power as a love story. Some years later, when the ban was lifted, I read the “unexpurgated” version. Maybe it was dated by then, but I found some of the dialogue (passages like “F___k a flame”) a little ridiculous. In the end, I thought the expurgated version was a better novel. What was left to the imagination was more powerful than some of the explicit passages. I think that is something for every serious novelist (such as yourself), writing in the erotic genre, to weigh carefully.

Dickweed wrote:
 I find it difficult to take, any writer that uses ‘kinda’, ‘lil’, ‘cuz’, ‘shud’ (etc) too seriously - but, maybe, I am just an old British dinosaur ! (No offence meant) !( yea he is, but he should have tried punctuation first tee-hee.)

K&C wrote:
I think it depends. I imagine fans of the genre will take the writers seriously but there does seem to be a bit of a stigma on it. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of it. I don’t mind if there are erotic scenes in books, but in erotic novels that I’ve read, it seems that the big goal is to get two people into bed. In addition, that’s what the genre is about I know. But that’s not what I read a book for. I also think that the genre has been hampered in the past a bit by some poor writing and hackneyed or cookie cutter plots. That could be changing, things becoming more sophisticated in the genre. So I do think in the writing world in general, the genre might still be looked down a bit, but I don’t think that’s necessarily fair. It has an audience and if the writing is good, it should be as respected for what it’s supposed to be.

L&M wrote:
Yeah, I gotta say Alan (yeah, that’s right, I typed “gotta”…hell not to mention “Yeah”), if offence (in America we spell it offense so you’re spelling is really upsetting my spell check) was not meant, why say it? Obviously these are informal discussions in an online chat format, not book proposals or resumes. And please, don’t get me started on British English. Much as I love things British, when I was there in the 80s, there were times I needed the Universal Translator just to understand people. After all, it wasn’t Americans who created rhyming slang. I know the British think they invented English, but they didn’t. They appropriated it from about 80 different other cultures thousands of years ago and slapped their own brand name on it when it started coming together in the form of a language. American English is just another branch of the tree.

Having said that, Alexandria, your stuff (yeah Alan, I typed “stuff”) sounds interesting. If I have a complaint with the erotic genre it’s with those books that put aside plot and character development for sex scenes. But you seem to have a pretty good balance. It’s nice to have a strong female character too. I think one of the things affecting the respectability of the genre is the Harlequin Romance sort of work which I think a lot of people think of when they think romance or erotic fiction. They do seem a bit “assembly line.” Maybe writers like you can bring some legitimacy to the genre. :)

A&P wrote:
As a writer of erotic stories, I can tell you from the feedback I get on, people do take you seriously.

Loved this discussion, it was great and full of feedback. 

So guys, just thought I’d share a few with you out there. I’ll keep you posted with updates ;)

A Book Review Everyday...

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series...

Reviews this week...
I will be reviewing one Book a Day for the summer, if it's a good week than two a day lol.

Blind Heat by Delta Dupree

Good book and I liked the make up of the characters. Ms. Dupree did a great job of making her characters interesting, and the story line was good. I liked the character Joni, and the strong lead male Fletcher brought charisma to the story. I would also like to know more about the best friend Dionne, and Fletcher's brother. Over-all, very likable book. Looking forward to seeing the next installment by Ms. Dupree :)


Before the Moon Rises by Catherine Bybee ;)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Social Media at its finest...

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Cruising some of my sites that I subscribe to, I found myself wondering; why is it that because the internet offers some form of anonymity, people just run with that?
I like to use a lot of slang. I'm guessing the fact that I'm a Literature teacher, and I have to speak in proper English all day long; I kinda feel like when I'm at home it's kewl if I don’t. Well I was actually taken to task for my usage of slang, not once but twice trashed for it.
I happen to belong to this one site, which promotes dating as well as writing, and some tool said because I used a lot of slang, which he mistook for misspellings; there was no way in hell I could be a Literature/Art History/ Mythology Teacher, (personally, I believe it was just sour grapes cuz I turned his triflin ass down tee-hee-hee).
Moreover, on Monday, once again someone made a rather nasty comment about my slang. He even went so far as to imply that anyone who uses slang, can't possibly expect people to take them seriously as a writer. Can we say Pretentious AF!
Laughably, then again yesterday, I was actually kicked out of a group, because the thread was in an interracial group get this;
Black Women, who Love White Men!

I only went into the group to see what it was about, after laughing hysterically. What caught my eye the most was the fact that it was named Black Women, instead of White Men, who love black women, especially seeing as how the administrator is a white male.
Misogynist much!

Anyway, I liked many of the people despite the horrible name cuz c’mon I write interracial romance, so of course I am attracted to white men. Well one group member named Shanesha had me in stitches the entire time, because she was hysterically funny. So, there was a post from this woman, where in my eyes, she basically set women back centuries. It was on relationships, and how she made her man her king, how he was the king of his castle, how she made him a hot meal each morning, a homemade lunch, rubbed his feet, blah blah blah. I can understand this if you are a stay at home wife, and you have nothing better to do than that ( hope I don’t offend anyone, but its what I did when I was). Well, it’s an open forum, so I was like well my idea of a relationship is 50/50. You squeeze the orange juice, and I fry the bacon.

Boy, did that start a shite storm lol.

Some guy named Paul, I wish I remembered his last name, so he could be put on blast for the misogynistic bastard that he is, responded to the post very negatively. He even went so far as to spew this sexually defined bullshit, and because I called him on it, he began to rudely comment on me saying I was bitter, probably hurt by some man, and crap like that. He was looking for a traditional wife ( I say more like a backwater slave) and it wasn’t get this, he actually typed Alexandria Infante. Then had the nerve to say that I had an attitude problem, and I obviously couldn’t take a joke. The whole ordeal was far from funny, and I was shocked that he would think that it was.

They kicked me! Hahaha, off the site.

I am assuming they have a policy which says no arguing, so I can understand removing people from the site who do. But come on you lil jerk off admin, make it fair. If you’re kicking me off, do the same to him, fair is fair.

How do I know he’s still on?
Another member I became friends with said the conversation was still going on, he was still talking trash about me, incited the rest of the members too as well, but he was still allowed to be on the site. I could say a whole lot of nasty things about the admin, the guy and the Facebook group as a whole, but I’m just moving on. However, it does bring me back to the topic of the day;
The only thing I hate about the internet is how people can hide their identity, so it means no one has to take responsibility for what they actually say. People can spew the most hateful, evil, misogynistic, derogatory racist shite they can think of, yet are never held accountable for it.

Just my thoughts for the day, while I sit here giving my second to last final for my students lol.
My thinking, I should stay out of chat groups and social media sites, unless it has to do with my writing, or teaching lol.

Literary What????

Author Alexandria Infante for Eternal Press.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Off today and thought I would just hang out at Starbucks and check on how the books are doing, get some atmospheric blogs going on, and just do and be nothing for the day.
I shopped on a couple of writer's sites, and was very surprised to find that there is a lot of

"Hater Aid"

out there! This I was shocked at too, because if I happen to be the next big thing in Paranormal Romance,  there is no way I wouldn’t want to give the next writer all the tips I could to help them make it as well.

However, what I found were a lot of pretentious writers, authors and reviewers who think their booties don't stank, just like the rest of us.

At one site people even took issue with authors who posted their already published works (no not me! Lol), and said things like, this is not for you, go to the published page. Or if you want to add to this thread you need to be unpublished.

The famous one, they just erased the people’s links, post, and anything related to the person!

Way harsh y'all lol

But what I'm very surprised about, is this so called elite intellectual community of ours, where people supposedly aspire to assuage the minds of the public with both literature and meaning, who really are a bunch of school yard kids basically saying;

“If I can't be quarterback, then I'm taking my ball and going home!”

Then writing as a whole? I mean c'mon, why should any literature be pigeon holed, except by it's genre? Why should it be labeled as Black literature, Latino literature, Asian literature ect. I”ve never seen the title Caucasian literature?

Have you lol?

Seriously guys lol, I'm curious I wanna know lol. If you find it send it to me. 
If I read Shakespeare, do I look for the title which states; written by a British white man, but its speculated that Phillip Marlo actually wrote it?

So why is it implied by a label that any book that is;

 1. Written by a minority or
2. About minorities? Should be placed in another section away from the main stream.

Wtf is this?

Should not the book be reviewed or read because it’s a good book, not what color/race the character or the writer is?
But then if this were the case, I would be living in a euphoric, beatific, cool, crazy, delighted, dreamy, ecstatic, elated, enchanted, enraptured state of none existence, hahahaha;

Where Utopia actually exists.
Yea right.

This truly pisses me off, because the vast majority of readers don't think like that, so who should some butthole in marketing? Then I guess I sorta look at Love through rose-colored glasses, because the person's race should not matter in love. If it did then I wouldn't be here, nor my kiddies.

Seriously, I am at a loss on how to market my own books lol!

I mean should it matter to the average reader that my main female character isn’t white if the story’s good? Should it matter to the African-American/White/ Chinese  Japanese/ Hindu business ex ect., that my character is Latina and African?

All semantics to me, acceptable, allowable Bullshit that I find so irritating!

Wolves, Vamps and anything else supernatural is not normal in the first place; so why would any of this bollix matter when reading or writing paranormal? Or any other genre for that matter.

Lol, I swear it gets under my skin!!!

Anyway, after two cups of my amazing Starbuck’s Latte, I feel a bit better, but wired as hell!
What do they put in that coffee at SB lol.

Alie out!