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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Don't Need You...But I Want You hooplah!!! I am sooo loving it!

Author Alexandria Infante.
 This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Well Hey Er'body...

I know it's been a while, especially with the blog hop snafu; but we're good now.
Latest update:

Well I just released  I Don't Need You...But I Want You and I have been laughing non stop by the emails. There is also the book trailer on youtube, so you guys should check that out as well. I'll upload the link to the blog sometime today.
So in honor of that, I've decided to dedicate a section on the blog to it, where you guys can have at it! Tell me what you truly think, I am so open for that. I have gotten such awesome resoinses, that I'm thinking of making it into a serial, and have already started comprising book 2. This should be loads of fun.

Grave Reviews; Meghan was released as well, but I'm sad to say it got swamped out by the reactions to IDNBWY, lol, so promo for this week will be GR Meghan lol. We need to show her some love.

I'm revamping the TBMD &  ALFT series trailers, and those should be up on youtube by the end of the weekend.

As well, I'm finishing up Book 12 in the TBMD series, and there will be a lot of surprises guys; you can best believe it.

Still working on A Queen Among Thieves, and it should be out by Halloween. Keep your fingers crossed, I got side tracked by IDNBIWY lol.

As well as book for Gata, to the LFT series. Busy Busy, not to mention my trip to New York. I hope to get lots of material for my contemporary line while there.

Last but not least. I had no clue that Facebook didn't have IR sections in Romance books groups except for one, so I started two of my own. One for Paranormal, and the other for Historical. Stop on by and check them out.

Interracial Paranormal Romance
Interracial Historical Romance. Just type it into the search bar, and they'll both pop up ;)

So that's pretty much it guys, and I'll keep you posted.

Have an awesome day Guys!!!

And Me See Those Comments!


Anonymous said...

Ok, first I'd like to say that I really enjoyed your book. It was pretty steamy, but I also liked the writing. I've never been to California, so it gave me an idea of what it's like to live there.

Next: I really liked the character Andrew. He was a hottie, and seemed the better man to me, even if he did have a drinking problem. That can be cured, but an asshole can't.

That brings me to the character of Kalani, is this dude for real? What an uber asshole. I was so pissed at this character, and was hoping that you would eventually kill him off, or he'd get hit by a bus or something.

I don't know how much of this story is true, but I seriously hope the pregnancy isn't, because to have a child with someone like him, will only bring diaster. JMO

amanda selroy said...

I loved the book, but I hated all three of them. That guy Kevin was the...worst kind of snake. I think he was truly the worst of them all, because through the entire time, he pretended to be Alie's friend, when all he really wanted to do was blank her.

I felt the character of Andrew was sincere, he just didn't know how to handle his stress, so he drank to much. And like someone else said, you can cure alcoholism, but being an asshole is who someone chooses to be.

The character Kalani was the saddest to me. You would think that with everything that happened in his life, that it would have made him a better person. I too was so pissed at one of the ending scenes, and hoped he'd get killed off too! Hahaha, and was so happy when she met the professor.

So since at the ending scene she places her hand on her stomach, does that mean sequel lol? It would be nice, to see if they actually change.

Mansia Gibson said...

I hated the character of Kalani!
Kevin was the truth tho! Even though he had his motives, he was still telling the truth, because he wanted to be the shoulder to cry on

I was like she so stupid!

Can't she see that he just playing her! Why would she date a 23 year old in the first place? He was a dog, which is what most 23 year olds are.

He wanted to basically fuck her, have her on the side so he could
get her money, all the while going
out with women his age.

That is why I would never date a younger man! They assholes, and only want one thing, and this book proves it.

I didn't even feel sorry for her, because she should have known better. I'm just like Kev in that. He was jusr using her, and she was too dumb to see it. and I hope to God this aien't real, cuz could you imagine that baby?

Anonymous said...

I hit annymous because fucken google is stupid!

Anyway, I'm Thomas Ms. Infante, and I did read your book as well. A Little romantic, not much for the dudes, but it was a good read still.

This is what I have to say;

I didn't see anything wrong with the dude Kalani at first. He was cool in my opinion.

Andrew too, he just indulged in to many brewskis. However if I was a chick, I probably would have let him go as well. What you ladies are forgetting that not only did he have a drinking problem, but he was no Buenos in the bedroom. And from what I hear that's a no go! Lol. An adult relation is hard to keep without that. He might have been the better man personality wise, but there has to be some chemistry as well.

As for Kalani, I really liked him at the start of the book. he seemed like he would be there for her, especially from the scene where Andrew bit her before he left. Idk, maybe it was all a farce, like maybe he never loved her, and was, just using her?

But I kinda refuse to believe that someone could be so cold and calculating! I think he did love her, but like George said, was just too immature to express it, because after all he was still a kid.

Does that excuse his man-whore ways, as someone else said; not one bit, but I just kind of feel like he loved her so much, that he was afraid of his inner self; especially after what he'd been through in life.

Awesome book though! A well deserved read.

Anonymous said...

I hit anny too.
Ms. In you really need to have them fix that, because it's annoying as hell. They pretty much try to force you to get a google+ in order to post a comment. That is so lame.

Anyway, I'm Kelly.
I F'n hated them both! One was a drunk, who should have never put his hands on Alie, and the other a child who needed to grow the fuck up!
I don't think either one of them was any better than the other. Although Andrew did speak the truth to her that day he left. I too could tell that Kalani guy was an asshole, when he began missing in action, because the first thing I thought was that he was cheating, and just using her!

But out of the two, the Kalani guy was the worst. He pretended to love her, all the while making her buy him things, take him places, like he wanted her to be his fucken sugar mother or something!

And that guy across the street Kevin, man oh man was he a douche. Can you imagine friends like that? I'd rather have a ton of enemies!
He was just a sick person to me.

And I will say as someone else said; the only TRUE MEN in the book were Alie's three guy friends!

Great book though lol!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon with the stupid google+ annoyance!

Hey all I'm Kate. I bought the book off of amazon, and thought it was a great read. I could barely put it down.

Anyway, on to the comments. I didn't like either one of them either, which is bad, because you have to like the main character. I was happy that she met Prof Campbell and moved to NYC.

The reason I didn't like Andrew was because of the drinking. The sex wasn't so important to me, it was the drinking, and I would have left him too.

Now the Kalani character, I think I would have probably been like those psyco chicks, smashed his shit, popped his tires and the like. He was an asshole through and through.

I was hoping that the last time he came back, he would see the errors in his ways and change, but it just wasn't in him. He is destined to probably be an asshole all his life, and will probably get even worse.

The neighbor, yes he was a tool, but then she should have never told him her business in the first place. You never tell people like Kevin anything, because they are some of the worst people out there.

I loved the book, even though it made me frustrated with the main character, because I was like why can't she see he's a looser and stop taking him back!

but I did enjoy the read, and isn't that what good books are supposed to do, make you feel some kind ogf way? Lol

And I concur with everyone else, the three male friends were the only true men in the book ;)

Anonymous said...

Anny too!

My gurl made me read this!

Devon here.
I say fuck all dis drama these hoes on here tryna start. My boy Kalani got his, so why all the fuss? She wanted him, he wanted her, but then she caught feelings and tried to twist shit, like you females do.

He broke her off, something she wanted, cuz you read it in the book. I didn't read once in the book where he asked her to be his gurl, they was just fuckin from what I read.

My boy set her off proper, if the sex scenes are true, so I wasn't sure why she was complaining. Why women always wanna have tabs and tags on a N*&&a, why can't you just roll with it?

If you ask me, Alie was the one who started all that shit. Just like when she asked Kalani to leave, then wind up fucking that mofo! I was like Hell Naw! I would have done the same thing K did. Bitches wanna purse not hearts!

He gave her his, and what did she do, automatically accuse him of something else. I say my boy K did right, I would have left her ass after she slept with that punk bitch. You could tell that's what he was in the book.

I'm out! Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

@ Devon

You are an asshole, just like the Kalani guy! The fact that you can sit there and say that what he did was right, just proves my point! He was the worst kind of person, playing with people's feelings and just using them.

it's your mentality, that men are labeled as fucken dogs. Andrew was the better of the two, because he bowed out gracefully.

But some of the blame goes to Alie as well, because she kept taking him back, even though she knew he was a looser. I couldn't for the life of me understand why either, because he had the makings of a tool from the beginning.

As for the neighbor, he isn't even worth my effort to write about him. He was an uber looser!

But I liked the book lol. Oh and I'm Denita lol.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't do romance, but I read this anyway lol. I wanted to see what it would be like to read an older woman younger man book, cuz I'm seriously considering it.

Oh I'm Steven M. anyway, I feel like Devon kinda, Alie knew what she was getting when she started dating him. He was a pimp, and she tried to make him something he wasn't. And to the chick that said he played with her feelings, I think the fact that he brought her a ring proves he was serious, no matter his age!

No mf man buys a woman a ring if he isn't serious. Then she played him by giving it back to his hommies, making him look like a bitch! Not to mention she slept with her ex!

Andrew was weak, and Kalani knew that and pressed his manhood hahaha! He just couldn't handle it, or why else wouldn't he fight for his girl. Kalani punked him, and he couldn't live up to the challenge.

If you ask me, there was no challenge, Kalani won hahaha! I think under the circumstances, it's a miracle no one put hands on anybody if this story is true.

And I'm sure K would have won, he sounded like a big ass N***a!

But it was a good book. And Ms. Infante, you got skills on the sex scenes, I give you props lol. You had me sexin lol.

And from your pic, your hot. I'm a younger man, if this is a true story! Hahaha, hit me up.

Anonymous said...

Ay Marcus here

So, I'd like to know why y'all hatin on Kevin? He was the only truthful one in the book, and that goes for the main character Alie too.

If you ask me, she was the one with mad skills, because she played them both. I give her props, only she couldn't play the game right; she got caught up.

Kevin, yeah he was horny, but why wouldn't he know what his son was truly like. Shit he raised him. Why is it when women ask for something and get it, and it isn't what they expected, or turns out to be exactly that; we men always gotta be dogs.

You could tell K was a player, but she hooked up with him anyway. My boy did the damn thang, he bagged to hoes in one night, right after each other, and they had no problem with it.

Alie tried to change him from what he was. That shows that she knew what he was to begin with, but thought she could change him.

Anonymous said...

What Up Ppl...

This is Marge from the book lol!

I have been here since day one, and I was the dummy who encouraged her to date him! Kalani that is. I wanted her to stay with Andrew, but at that fucken xmas party since Andrew was acting like an ass, I may have cinched his fate lol.

Anyway, I won't say what is true and what isn't, because I'm not gonna put my girl out there like that. But I can attest to kalani's assholness! He put my girl through so much, that the scenes in the book where I'm pleading with her to dump him are real.

Idk what happened to Kalani, because he started out as a good guy, and I was happy for them. I won't put all the blame on him, Alie wasn't totally blameless, but the deep fucked up shit, was all him; but I can't say what.

But I am glad you guys are loving the book! I'm sure Alexandria is happy about that.

I loved being in it!
Thanks Guys ;) Marge

Anonymous said...

I thought the whole concept of the book was stupid. Another stupid falling for some asshole looser, while the good guys like us fall by the way side. It's pretty much what you women get.
The end

Anonymous said...

No what it is, is bitch ass men know bitch ass men! Steven, Devon and Marcus are exactly that. Kalani was a dick, with a side of looser asshole! I don't see anything Alie did wrong, except maybe date both those loosers in the first place!

There is no way that you can make him look good. He was a user, took like he was a fucken freeloading sponge, then had the nerve to lie, cheat and fuck other women behind her back. I feel like that chick above, some shit would have been torn up!

And you justify what he said about the baby! You three are assholes, and exactly like him, the reason women can't find a good man nowadays!

And my name is Stephanie bitches! You a bunch of hoes!

Anonymous said...

Steven here...

First Stephanie, I never called anyone a hoe, second, you sound bitter; maybe he can break you off! Lmfa0.

Next, I never condoned what he did, I just said I could understand it a bit. You need to pay better attention to the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yea I said hoes! Cuz that's what women are now days! You always tryna make it the man's fault. She got what she asked for, then got it twisted when my boy K went on his way; especially after telling him she was done.

I don't see nuthing wrong. not to mention, he already had a kid, why he wanna have one by her old ass! Yea she fine, but she old too.

Like he really needed another kid? Bitches be tryna trap a motherfucka and shit. I would have had leave too!

And y'all all hoes one way or another! #Devonislmmfa0@thesebitches#

Anonymous said...

Prime example why I'm a lesbian...
Anough sed

Anonymous said...

Man really Stephanie, you wanna take it there? Women are the cause of why we treat you the way you do. You act like a ratchet, we treat you like one, then you wanna be pissed because we say you for what you are.

I'm not saying that the main character is a ratchet, but it is kinda sketchy that she slept with her x after she had already hooked up with K.

I didn't condone anything about the baby in the book. I thought that was sorry of him, but she pretty much brought it all on herself if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

LaMita here.

I've gone through the comments, and must say that I am ashamed at some of you men. No one deserves to have their heart broken, left pregnant, and used. I'm not sure if this book is fiction or factual, however there is real pain in the story, on all three sides.

Mistakes were made, Andrew and his drinking, not so much the sex; because that is an unfortunate side effect of excessive drinking.

However, I just feel like Andrew's mistakes as well as Alie's were not intentional, something I cannot say the same for the character of Kalani.

I just feel like everything he did was a calculated measure. He knew he was using her, yet he continued to dangle that little bit of hope before her eyes, each time drawing her right back to where he wanted.

I think the character Marge said it best, as well as the male friends. The character of Kalani was unscrupulous, wanted his cake and eat it too, and seemed as if he truly had no moral compass.

I'm not sure if this is what Ms. Infante intended to write as his character, but if she did she is spot on.

As for the neighbor, you can tell where Kalani gets his behavior, because each time Kevin opened his mouth, I knew a lie would tumble forth.

Excellent book Alexandria, and I look forward to many more by you.

Anonymous said...

Pam here

my two cents on the book.

First off I loved it! Great job Alexandria. I felt the real emotions of a bad situation, and went on that roller coaster with you. Second, I think the only redeemable character of the three is Alie. She made the mistake of falling in love with a person who just used her for what he could get, and I don't see her as stupid, maybe just a little bit too trusting.

There's really not much to say about Andrew, he was what he was, and drinking isn't something that should be in a relationship.

As for Kalani, I have met so many men like him, and the saddest part of all, is that he is this type of person, and he's still young. I can't imagine what he'll be like in his 30s or 40s. Hopefully by then he'll get a clue.

I don't know if this situation is real or not, but I feel for alie. because in the end she was the one who lost it all, and she was a good person.

Anonymous said...

Maggy here!

I actually liked Kalani. I think he was a product of circumstances unfortunately. But at least he didn't turn to drinking. You have two totally different types of personalities here, so it's hard to judge who is the better man. One just dealt with life a bit better. Kalani is a kid remember basically, why should we expect him to act like an adult, and it's kinda why I don't date guys under my age (25) because they are so immature.

She should have never expected him to be an adult.

Anonymous said...

@ Maggy, that's bullshit! I'm 24, and I have never treated any woman I've been involved with like that! That's a cop out. He was a jerk, and that is all there is. I read the book too, not usually my cuppa, but I saw the post on FB and decided to read it.

Andrew isn't much better, but he was better than that dude. He needs to grow up, he's what 24? Im 24, have a good job, stayed in school, and to top it off I'm black, and I'm the last one people think will do right. He was an asshole, and that it.


Anonymous said...

That's right

Anonymous said...

Kisa here chiming in...

My whole thought about the book, is its messed up!!! hahahah! I'm just like wow, you never fuck over someone in the industry, because they have ways of making you pay big time.

I kinda wonder if this is true, if the author did it to get back at this dude. He was fucked up, but now he'll probably live in infamy as long as this book stays on the market! hahaha

I guess that's a serious case of KARMA. Both of these guys were jerks, it's just that Kalani was more than Andrew. The Kevin dude was just a piece of shit, because he just wanted to screw her.

I kinda feel sorry for these guys, not in a good way, but like that pathetic way, because they are paying.

I did like the three friends tho, I wish I had guy friends like that. Can you imagine what would have happened if they didn't tell her the truth?

Anonymous said...


Okay, I'm admitting that I read this, which is a slight against my manhood! Lol

Anyway, you have a bunch of immature men, who don't know how to act. You can't only blame the young ones, because if I'm correct, the Kevin guy as at least in his 40s, so he should have been the example, but he was one of the worst.

I do however give Kalani some leeway, he was only 23, and if Kevin was his example of manhood, then we can see why he is the way he is.

That being said, it doesn't excuse his actions. But, I don't see him as a looser, I just see him as immature, not understanding nor knowing how to make adult decisions; because really he isn't even an adult yet.

And alie dose need to take some of the blame, because he wasn't in the relationship by himself. The fact that she slept with her ex, was a blow to any man's ego, not just someone 23yrs.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie here again..

Hell no, there is no excuse for their behavior, especially the charater Kalani! Thas bullshit! My brother is 23, and he acts nothing like that, and he has a daughter.

Alie was pregnant, and instead of being there for her, he fucken took off, told her to have an abortion, then was MIA! Are you people defending him forgetting that?

He also took her money and set some other bitch up! So that's cool too? You people must not be reading the same book I read, because he is one sorry mofo, and it has nothing to do with his age.

Andrew knew he couldn't handle it, so he did the manly thing and left!
This person stayed, because he was a user, and wanted to use her!

I'm sorry, there is no redeeming in my eyes!

Anonymous said...


All I have to say is that I believed he loved her, he just wasn't mature enough to handle the situation, or an adult relationship. Sorry, for all the people praising Andrew, he was a looser too, he couldn't even get it up! Lol

Anonymous said...

Alexandria, I saw this post on Fb, and you fine as hell girl. I'd take you, and if this is a true book, you do not look your age!

Haven't read the book, just wanted to say that! Lol, get at me if you want! I'll friend you on FB

Anonymous said...

What up Alexandria. I did read the book. I'm not sure what to say about it, but if this is true, I'm sorry you had to go through this. I'm a younger guy, 27, and I would never treat you like that. I'd treat you like the QUEEN you are.

My name is Brian, I friended you on FB ;) Take care hunny, there are good younger men out there who would love to date a classy woman like you.

Anonymous said...

Marissa here...

I read the book, and they were all assholes, the Kalani guy the most. I wasn't sure why you would pick him for a lead anyway. He sounded like an asshole from the start.

But I did like the three friends, the guy who's name started with an H was funny as hell. I think they were good friends to her.

Anonymous said...


My fav character was Marge, not only was she funny as heck, but she told it like it is. Had Alie listened to her in the first place, then she would have spared herself all this heart ache. I won't degrade the men in this book, because I am a lady, not to mention if they have read this book, then they know first hand what they are perceived as.

However, I will say that I am ashamed of them, especially the character of Kalani.

But wonderful book Ms. Infante, I felt the emotions. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Teresa here

I felt the female character alie was stupid as well. He had loser written all over him, when he coerced her to smoke with him. I am so sick of that fucken image!

Also, her friend Marge told her over and over to get ride of him, but all she could do was whine about being in love with this fucken douche, so I feel like she caused her own drama.

Anonymous said...

Ok first off i know kalani personally and yes he can be a dick but i know for a fact that he loved her but it's scared of his true feelings being used against him it's not an excuse nor m i trying to defend him cause he is wrong but i know the real person he can be if he breaks his cycle 

Anonymous said...

Marnesha in da houseeee,

Okay, this mutha Kalani was the worse. All you assholes defending him, need to leave the room like now!

He thought he was a pimp, but what he really was, was a shady mofo! he knew he was using her, but unfortunately this is what happens when you fall in love with these asshole out there today. They all think they Big-Shawn, Trey or sumpthang, and half of them are ugly as fuck! They all just a bunch of broke ass N***as who probably still live wit they mamma!

Kalani was a looser, throwin shade all around, just like the rest of the true women on this blog said.

As for the women who called Alie out, why you frontin, you probably would have done the same. Sometimes the sex can get us twisted, because I think this relationship was just about the lust.

I mean come on, she'd just left Andrew, so it's obvious she wasn't getting any, and he broke her off; and I feel like she confused that with love.

And I'll say it again, I hate bitch ass Niggas like Kalani!

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure how I feel about this book. Usually the main characters get over the drama, fall in love, then live HEA, but this book had none of that. I'm wondering if that was the author's intent?

The characters in this book all have issues, however the reedamable one is the main character Alie. She made a mistake. The andrew scene I can understand, because she did care a great deal for him.

I can't understand why she started dating Kalani though. I felt like that should have been a time for her to be alone.

Kalani has some serious issues, and I kind of wonder if he is a late bloomer, because the guys I know that are his age would never do something like any of that.

Is he a loosser, one could say hell yes, but I just think more uneducated, and a product of his enviornment.

I struggled to like any of these characters, because of their issues.

The three friends were great though.

I''m still kind of out on the book though.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Marry...

Okay, I will admit that I thought Kalani sounded fine! Lol, a asshole, but fine. But aren't the really fine ones always assholes?

I was sad at the way he acted, I thought he was a good match for her, and he seemed like he really loved her at first. I like my men big too, and the way he just picked her up, did thangs to me too hahaha!

But I guess you never know people. Kevin was a snake, just like some of the other women said. he was that smile in yo face type, that I fucken hate!

Andrew was a sweetie, that boy just had a drinking problem, and I wish the author would have told us a little back story on him, so we would know why he drank. Nobody just drinks because.

I loved me some Hedrick, Kel and George, when Alie went back the next time, they was speakin all truth. That is hard to find in a man, because most of them feel like they giving up something.

I loved both Alie and Marge, Marge was the truth hahaha!

Alie seemed like she's really sweet, and if she is a real person, I just feel so sorry for her that she met these assholes.

Anonymous said...

Melanie here

I don't care what anyone says, I hated that asshole Kalani, and nothing anyone can say on this blog will make me like him! And to me, andrew wasn't that much better.

I know people like both of them. Kalani will use and use women, until he can't use them anymore, then toss them aside. he was all about the fucking, because every time he came to her house, that was all he wanted to do!

kevin is a douche of the worse kind, and the only real men in the book were the three friends.

Anonymous said...

Olly Dominguez here...

Okay y'all doing my boy Kalani wrong! He took what was offered, and now y'all tryin to make him out to be the bad guy.

If you read the book, alie was skittish from the get go. he gave her a fucken ring people, so that showed that he loved her. She got this shit twisted!

And the fact that she slept with her ex, and you know the ex did that shit on purpose, I'm surprised K didn't put hands on him, because if the sex was as good as the book said; then I know I would have.

Next, she fucken gave the ring back! Not to mention not even to him, but his fake ass boy! What was my boy K supposed to do? I woulda wrote her off too.

If anything he acted like a bitch in that respect, because he missed her ( but with sex like that, I prolly would have been a bitch too lmfa0).

Kev, is a dawg, because he was tryna play his boy all that time behind his back. I hate fake ass niggas like that. The problem with Alie, mami got it twisted, she should have just let it be sex, and nothing else, and there would be no drama.

Just like Devion said, females be tryna put tags and tabs on a nigga, and when it don't go they way, they can't deal.

Anonymous said...

Sherita Here,

omg! All you men except for Thomas are idiots! I wish I could meet the real guy Kalani if this is true, because I would slap him across his arrogant face. He had a good woman, who loved him despite his age, and did he appreciate it, hell no. Just like the rest of you men out there.

And if women act like gold diggers and whatever else you meant want to label us as, this is the reason why, because you made us like this.

I thought he was a good guy, someone who would make her happy, but all he did was bring unbearable pain, and I truly feel sorry for Alie if this is true.

Also, I don't think it had anything to do with his age, it was just the kind of person he was, or was raised to be, because look at his God father.

I truly feel sorry for him, he is a sad individual.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alexandria, I saw your post on Fb, and yes I read your book. I loved it, even if it wasn't all that happy lol.

I'm Isabella.

I feel really bad for Alie if this is true. Kalani seemed so good at first, I loved the interaction between them, because it didn't seem forced in anyway, despite the age difference.

You could tell that she really loved him, just by that, because she was a totally different person than she was with Andrew. I was also sad that we didn't get enough of a background on Andrew. Despite the drinking, he seemed like a nice guy, just with some sexual issues, so it was probably one of the reasons why he drank.

But back to Kalani, his betrayal is the worse kind, because Alie is left with wondering if he ever loved her, and now the fact that she is having his child makes it even worse.

How could he do these things to her, then still be able to look in the mirror each morning.

This was a really good book Alexandria, and I'll have to look for more by you.

Anonymous said...


I'm so annoyed with the character of Kalani. It thought he was wicked cool, and the things he did to make her feel young again was awesome. The fact that he got her to smoke with him, then they had this amazing sex was such a turn on! He was sincer, so I don't understand what happened to him, and I'm sure the character Alie is wondering the same thing.

The friends were cool, telling it like it is, but that Kevin guy I could do without. He was the worse kind of person, because he was only trying to have sex with her.

I liked Marge as well. She was funny as hell, and the difference is she knew where not to take the relationship.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alexandria,


I saw this on FB. I didn't read the book, but I just wanted to say from your pic, you're fire for an older woman. If this is a true book, and you like younger men, I sent a friend request on FB. Message me ;)

Anonymous said...

What up Alexandria

Mic here, they right, you are fine. I didn't read the book either, but thought this thread was hilarious, and I kinda feel sorry for this guy Kalani. If I take you out, would you write about me too :) We could do an impromptu scene for my audition ;)

Anonymous said...

First off Olly, you're a fucktard!

There is no redeeming qualities in any of these men, except for the three friends. I feel bad for Alie, that she had to endure this type of garbage, and the sad unfortunate thing is that most of the men out there today are just like these assholes.

That Kalani guy was the worse, and I think he knew what he was doing all along.

She was an older woman, so she probably had no clue how these assholes run wit that today, so she had no clue of who he truly was.

Kevin was a piece of shit, and that is enough said about him.

Andrew is a drunk, and this is just one fucked hot mess!

Girl, I sincerely hope you're done with this trash if this is a true story. The pretty boys always think their shit don't stink like the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Hey Al! So you did it!

Kel here in the hizzouse!

Aight, I didn't know this foo personally, but my girl and I conversed at length on him. As you can see from the book, we told her to leave his ass.

I won't say what is real, and what isn't, but it's some messed up shit. As one reformed dog to another present one, Kalani know he was shady in the entire thing.

He was creepin no doubt about that, however he knew he loved her more than the women he was fucking; but a nigga caint have both paths.

yea he was getting plenty of track sex, I'm sure, but obviously Alie had something he needed, because he kept coming back.

The problem is, his balls haven't dropped yet, so he's too young to understand, that that thing that make him continually come back to my girl is love. he just aien't mature enough to realize that.

But I will tell you this, he gone miss ma girl when she's in da NYC. Niggas always miss the Alie's in our lives, and it isn't till they're gone that we realize it.

Thas what changed me.
Love you always baby ;) Kel

Anonymous said...

All I gotta say is...That Muthafucka Cheating!!!

Lmao! Hedrick in da house! Alexandria told me she was going to do this, but I thought she was messing with me.

Anyway, like Kel said, we don't know him personally, but all of the signs were there. I too won't say what is true and what isn't, but I know my girl's tears were true, and it pissed me off every time I witnessed her cry over this bitch ass!

My girl Kelly is the only reason...well I think that's obvious. But anyway, we were all pissed by what he put her through, but couldn't do anything, because she had to see that for herself.

If this foo a punk bitch, heel yea, but like they say; "KARMA is a BITCH!"

George, where you @! Lol Roll Call! Nigga!

Anonymous said...

You a dumb ass Hed!

George here, or Jeremy is my real name. Al thought to rename me lol, but I didn't see why. I would say what I said to this guy's face.

I just feel like he was a confused individual, who didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground; but it was kind of expected by his age.

I was pissed as well, because Hedrick won't admit it, haha, especially in front of Kelly, but Kel and I know that Alie is one of those women that you just have to know, the ones that you need to know, the ones that you want to marry, and just give up a bunch of shit for!

Believe me, if any of us thought we had a chance, lol, she would have never went through what she went through, even the other assholes. Because she'd still be living in LA.

I saw no point in whipping his ass, because it wouldn't change him as a person, he would still be the same tool as he was before.

But maybe by Alexandria's catharsis he can change. Because the next set of male friends won't be as generous.

I love you baby, and always will. I'll see you in the NYC soon.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Omg!


Are you guys really from the book? That is sooo cool! I agree with you guys too, he was a douche, and maybe one of you should have kicked his ass! Maybe that would have taught him not to mess about people's feelings.

I hated that guy Kevin too, because he was a reptilian, but then maybe that's an insult to reptilians.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alexandria,

Kevin here.
From FB people, before you all jump on me! hahah, not the Kevin from the book.

Sorry I didn't read the book, but I think you're beautiful if your fb pic is true. I would love to date an older women, especially one who looks like you. I sent you a friend request ;)

kalani said...

George this is kalani the real i would agree with you 100% on everything you said all you ppl can hate me but i read only the first part of the book before it got revamped but I'm not the ass hole like that yea i have my egotistical selfish ways but we all go through something that makes us or breaks us i figured i cut it short before she ever could i didn't want to be in another emotional roller coaster shit ive delt with An I'm.dealing with arec reasons Why i had to go everyone of you can hate me just like i do if it makes you feel better call me what you want at the end of the day you only know what you read and will never know three true emotions that were really involved

Anonymous said...



Is this guy really this lame to come on here and try to defend himself with those lame ass fucken excuses? I read this book, he called his own child a thing!

Idk about people like this. I
think they all have serious mental problems and should be on meds! I hope she never speaks to this douche again, let alone ever let him see that baby!

Anonymous said...


Yep from the book.

And to Kalani, you damned right Jeremy is 100% correct, you played foul. Alie is a loving good person, and the shit you did to her was fucked up. Yes she gave me a friendly kiss good-bye, and you even twisted that shit.

It's your loss tho bro, more than hers. She's better off without you. And yes, I did throw my hand in, but lost out as well.

What me, Kel, Jer, Hedrick and all her male friends can't understand, is what the fuck she sees in you!

You did her dirty, and still she fucken loves you. You used her, and still she loves you, you said what you said, that I wouldn't even say to my dog, and still she fucken loves you!

I'm just happy for her that she's moving to NYC, so she can get away from you, and not do some dumb shit like take you back.

Cuz you's a bitch ass nigga, that she needs to stay away from.

Anonymous said...

Emanuel get the Fuck out of here if your in a relationship with someone you don't kiss any friend on the lips as a friendly thing think about it bro better off without him but the truth is he was both better off without her and to top it off i think its funny how you always try to be there and never got there i sense some jealousy from your bitch ass haha Fuck all this soap opera drama this one life to live shit my nigga k did the g thing got up an out on all this shit

And oh this is ottis by the way

Anonymous said...

This is all so weird. I saw the post on FB, and since I have read the book, I wanted to talk about the chacaters as well.

It seems like the person of this Kalani character just might be real, from the way the men on here seem to be defending him. Maybe there is a reflection is him that they see in themselves, which makes for a sad society.

I commend Kel, Hedrick, Jeremy and Emmanuel. They are true men, who tried to protect their friend from a predator (if this is book is non-fiction).

Kevin although a snake, in my book can't compare to this Kalani character. He was pretty much the devil. I think the people giving him a pass, because of his age are just as simple minded as he is.

He is a sad individual, that I would pay money if I am wrong; who is probably suffering from something like manic depression or bi-polarism. No one, and I mean no one changes mood like that in the book that is normal mentally.

People think his behavior in the book is childish and immature, but he called his child a thing, saw nothing wrong at all with his behavior, took this woman's money and got an apartment for him and his new girl friend, and felt absolutely nothing in the book.

After shit like this, would any one of you seriously text that person again, and think that they would be okay with you like he did in the book?

That says serious emotional problem, not just immaturity. And from the book, it's probably from what the writter said happened to his parents.

If this person is real, he has some serious issues, and Alie should be glad she got out now, because there is no telling what he could have don't to her and that baby if one day he just snap.

Ms. Infante, but the rest of the
characters were all awesome. This guy was the dark cloud in the book, even Andrew was better than him, and he was a drunk.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Meghan

I think this guy Kalani in the book was very immature, the above posting shows his mentality, because it sounds like one of his friends. You could never have a serious mature relationship with someone like him, because mentally he isn't equipped yet to handle it.

And all of the people talking trash about the character of Andrew, although they have that scene where he bits her, he was the true mature one. He fucken just left.

He did text her, say fucked up shit to her, go off, then it seemed like in the book just when she was happy, and living free of this sickness called Kalani, because that is what people like him are; he would just like the one lady Marry said, dangle some carrot of hope in front of her, so she would go back to him thinking that he would change.

People this this never change Alie, if this is true.

He is a cancer, who sucks the life out of people, because he has no substance and existence of his own. He is devoid of humanity, like one of your vampire books Ms. Infante lol.

the only way to cure yourself from people like him is to get as far away from them as possible. I'm glad she's moving 3thousand miles away from this asshole, because that baby will be better off.

Anonymous said...

Mandrake here

First off if this guy's friends are any indication of who he is, it's very sad. Not one of them can actually punctuate or spell, and I guess that is a product of the US school system.

Maybe if they were more concerned about college and the like, they wouldn't have the time to screw people over; they'd be busy studying.

Anyway, I am appalled at the character Kalani. I see deep rooted issues there, that have nothing to do with this book.

Andrew should seek professional care for his drinking, because at some point it will be life threatening if he doesn't take care of it.

These two men seem like the worse dredges of society, and unfortunately they found your friend Ms. Infante.

Anonymous said...


First off, this character Kalni is the sorry mofo, and his boys tryna come on here and defend him is pathetic.

The only real men on this post, Kel, Hed, Jer and Emanuel. Kalani's friend couldn't deny what Emanuel said was true, so he tried to put the blame on Alie; like she was cheating for kissing someone on the lips that they book says she's known for five years!

Dat's the sad part right there, that his sorry ass boys are just like him. For all we know Marcus, Devon and Stenen are all his friends. He had to now this book was coming out. They tried to protect they girl from this asshole. I saw her FB picture, and this is one of those like beautiful mixed older women, any man would be glad to have her. And if she goin to nyc, them puerto rican papi's will get at her first.

What I wanna know from Alie, is why you aien't dating one of your great friends? Just from thewir messages, Kel and Jeremy seem like they in love with you. Leave this childish simple minded motherfuca alone girl and take one of those good men.

I wish I had anyone of them, because the muthafuckas like Kalain and all his stupid ass boys are all women have to choose from today!

Stay strong, have yo baby, put this sorry asshole, who believe me girl will never change; because for all we know that could be him leaving those comments. cuz he prolly aient got no friends cuz they all back stabbers like him; go to NYC, live yo life and be
happy girl.

Anonymous said...


This is such a conundrum.

I kinda of think this is why I would never date someone in the industry. This book was only 65 pages, so I couldn't even imagine what the author could have truly written, if she worked at it. However it does seem like a sequel is in the work, so I would tell this guy Kalani, and that guy Kevin to be on their best behavior around this woman lol, because as they can see these people are just crucifying them.

I truly wouldn't want to be either one of them right now.

Kalani is a dirty guy, one of those scums of the earth, that women should avoid at all cost. I only wish the author was able to put his full name in the book, so other women would know to stay clear of him.

Anonymous said...

Kalani's character was a bitch ass nigga. He thought he was schemin, just like his lil friends on here keep posting; but what he really is a fool.

Women don't love you like this more than once in a lifetime. What he sees as tricking, getting money, fuckin, hoes and all this Drake, Big Shawn, Weekend, Trey wanna be shit, isn't true life. It is so sad how young men today seem to think getting paid is all that matters.

Keven, the adult, should have been the one steering these boys in the right direction, but its obvious his balls haven't dropped yet either.

I am sorry that You, or your friend had to go through this. this is what happens when you date, immature, uneducated, unlearned men.
And for your fb picture, you are a beautiful women, and obviously a beautiful spirit as well if all these men are championing for you.

If you have the time, I would love to get to know you better, to show you that all younger men aren't douche bags.

Oh, I'm Johnathan...btw

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Mina. I haven't read the book, but after reading all the comments above, I will def buy it just to see what the heck is going on.

I see from the post that this guy Kalani is the worst! I also saw no remorese, feeling or apathy in his comments, and I feel like the guy above; all the people that are taking up for him are probably his friends, which proves that he is a childish individual.

I'm sooory that this happened if it is a true life situation, and I just feel like one of the other women said; I wish the author could put his true name so women would stay away from him.

The sadest part of all, is that he is only what, 23, 24, he has his whole life ahead of him, and this is what he is already; I feel sorry for the future women he will date.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone...
Sandy here.

I saw the face book post, and read the book.

I was just like floored. I guess you never expect this from people who claim they love you. I was shocked at the book, and was sure that this couldn't be true. But I do have some comments on it.

Andrew; he was just a confused guy, who turned to drinking when his life didn't go his way. Very sad indeed, however I didn't see any malice in him. And if the book was correct, he was actually a happy nice drunk lol. The sex was bad, but he was a decent person over all.

Kevin: I'm not even sure what to say about him, except that throughout the entire book, I felt like he was a back stabber, and only wanted to blank the main character. I'm not sure if he actually cared for her, it just appeared that he wanted to rub a bad situation in her face, and loved every bit of his "I told you so".

Emanuel, Kel, Hedrick and George. These were true friends, and women everywhere should have guy friends like this. And Alie, if you don't see it we do, Jeremy is in love with you! Lol, why else would he say the things that he did, especially here on an open forum. I would say snatch him up, forget this other asshole and live your life happy.

Marge: was a hoot and a half. Loved her, and I felt like she had some sage advice.

Prof Campbell: if you don't take Jeremy, please take him lol. He's educated, well learned, sounded incredibly handsome, and was truly interested in you.

Kalani: man oh man what a neanderthal, in the worse way. He should come with a warning sign, so women will steer clear of him and all men like him.

He is the epitome of what not to date, give your body or heart to! He is a user, looser, and didn't even use the knowledge he had to stay in school and better himself. He is a very sad person.

He can use what happened with his mother to justify his life choices, but that's bullshit to me. If anything, it should have made him stay away from the pot,
made him a more sensitive person, and. I feel sad that his parents were never there for him, but that doesn't mean that you become a douche and treat people like shit.

I feel like he loved and loves her, because at the end of the book he wouldn't have texted her, because you know that's who it's from. I would tell him grow up, be a good man and a father to his child, and treat the mother of his child with respect.

I don't know if they should get back together, because truly how could you forgive someone for all that he did to her in the book; but I have seen stranger things. I feel like this guy could be a good person, if he would just let the past, his parents, life in general go, and focus on the future of his child.

He seemed like a nice guy in the beginning of the book.

Anonymous said...

I think the way the people defending this guy Kalani is sad. He was an asshole in the book, and his age had nothing to do with it. He wanted his cake, and wanted to eat it as well.

He knew what he was doing, and as some guy above said he couldn't believe someone could be so cacualting, I def can. I know tons of guys just like him.

They want the fame, money and the women; but just use people for what they can get out of them. I bet he doesn't even take care of the kid he has, which is why in the book he told her to get an abortion. I wish we would have had the girl Belinda's perspective on him, because if anyone truly knows him it would have been her.

That guy Kevin said that they were together for 8 yrs, so he knew he wasn't serious about the main character.

But to finish, Kalani is the worse kind of person.

The book showed that, and I wish I knew who he was for real, because I would post his face all over fb, just like the jerk should be. For the main character, keep hold to the fact that Karma comes back around, and he will get his comeuppance, one way or another.


Anonymous said...

This was a really good book. It had drama, sex, intrigue, and beytralal. I call all of those the makings of a good book. I'm not sure if I would call it romance though.

I liked the four friends, I felt that they were the ones who had her best interest at heart. Marge was funny, and a good friend as well.

Andrew, poor thing just had a drinking problem, and like someone else said, which is probably what led to his non functioning unit.

The prof seemed like a truly nice guy, and I just had a problem with the student. I feel like she did what she did to get back at the teacher, because this Kalani guy slept with her and her friend.

And wtf was up with that? Are women this bad nowadays? This is why men like this Kalani guy think that they can get away with murder, because women like that allow him to. I would have never screwed the same guy my friend did, and sure as hell not on the same night!

Kalani is a immature asshole, and the above scene shows it. Unfortunately, just like her, he got snared with the love bug as well. The only difference is, he wasn't matture enough to handle an adult relationship. Girls like the above, have probably never called into question his hbehavior, but now he had a true woman who would just ly there and take it.

If anything that annoyed me about the book, beside the looser Kalani, it was the fact that she kept taking him back. I just wanted to slap her over and over, until it resonated with her that this guy was the worse scum ever born.


Anonymous said...

I didn't like the book at all. Sorry, I felt like it was a stupid woman, who should have known better than to date a fucked up in the head child; because that is what he was. Maybe what happened with his parents scared him for life, and he'll always be this fucked up dark, looser person.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the book yet, but after all this shit storm of drama, I will lol.


Anonymous said...


I know Kalani personally, and this nigga was always on one. He played her, because we used to laugh about it! She was some old bitch tryna get this young dude, control him, then couldn't hang when he was doing his thing.

But from what he told me, she was the shit in the bedroom! He had never had it like that before, and that was the reason he kept going back, not cuz he loved her! Hahaha

I used to see the women coming to get him at night, and thought damn nigga got swag. Bitchs all around, thats why he bagged two hoes in one night right after the other. My nigga got hella swag, and the main character just got caught up and couldn't handle it. He never loved her, it was about that money.

C'mon, he young, she got money, why not partake; thats what I told him.

Anonymous said...

See this is what I'm talking about, comments like the above person. He just proves the book, that this guy set this woman up, used her for what he could, and when she got pregnant ( which I'm asking why no condoms!!! hopefully that part about the baby is fake) he jetted out!

He is not a redeemable person, no matter what you men try to say about him. He is the vilest, darkest sickest individual I have ever heard of. If you ask me, he needs the lord in his life!

Debbi back again...

Anonymous said...

Haven't read the book yet, but I will now. This is great!


Anonymous said...

Alexandria, you are fit as hell, and obviously you like white guys. Hit me up, I sent you a fb request.


Anonymous said...

Mini here,

All the while that I was reading the relationship about Alexa and Kalani I couldn't get that song by Eminem and Rihanna Love the Way you lie out of my head.

This person Kalani is toxic, and should be put away just like you do toxic waste. His friends are assholes cheering on his antics, and that is the saddest part of all.

This entire thing reminds me of some fucked up tean movie, and these two guys are supposed to be adults!

Anonymous said...


I just have to say that he is a sad looser, and it's sick how he keeps getting his friends to come onto the blog to try and make him look good, and Alexa ridiculous.

He is the sick sad one, because a true man would have been like the andrew guy. He know he fucked up, so he bowed out gracefully, and you haven't seen one post from him.!

Anonymous said...

All I gotta say is you fine baby!n I'll be your shoulder to cry on, baby and all!


Anonymous said...


I feel some kinda way about the character Kalani, but I'm not sure if it's loathing and disgust like the rest of you...

I abhor his behavior, but like some of the guys said, I think it's his maturity level that makes him think this is acceptable. Other than that it would have to be something mental.

I think he was a young guy faced with an incredible situation, and didn't know how to handle it.

We can all sit in judgement, but we weren't there. I noticed he commented, but the author nor this Alie person have; so I think they are the wiser ones.

Do I believe this is a true story, I believe parts of it probably are, can I know if he actually committed these crimes against Alexa, only he and she truly know.

I think he needs to grown up, face the situation like a man, and at least fricken apologize, if he hasn't already. Will she forgive him, who knows, but I think that is a perfect way to start. Maybe even post one here, and the author can get it to her if they aren't the same person.

he might even go so far as to tell her how he truly feels about her. One of his friends posted that he loved her, and could be a better person if he broke the cycle. Maybe she was the beginning of breaking that cycle, because in the book he was good around her, and only did the mean things he did when he was away from her.

Well, hun if you are real, that is where you need to start. I hope everything works out, and people on the thread need to stop being so judgmental. He reacted badly to a bad situation.

But what might make you look better in these millions of readers eyes, is if you told them how you really feel about her. I can hear it in your post.

You said that guy George was right, so do you really want this type of woman to slip through your fingers. I'm 75 years old now, and I was married to my husband for 45 years, and yes he cheated, and people couldn't understand why I took him back.

I took him back because true love forgives, and I think that might be what you'll miss, like the young man Kel said.

Hope everything goes well for you son. I'll be praying that god shows you his light.

Anonymous said...


Okay this guy said and I quote "George this is kalani the real i would agree with you 100% on everything you said all you ppl can hate me but i read only the first part of the book before it got revamped but I'm not the ass hole like that yea i have my egotistical selfish ways but we all go through something that makes us or breaks us i figured i cut it short before she ever could i didn't want to be in another emotional roller coaster shit ive delt with An I'm.dealing with arec reasons Why i had to go everyone of you can hate me just like i do if it makes you feel better call me what you want at the end of the day you only know what you read and will never know three true emotions that were really involved

May 22, 2014 at 11:58 PM)

This is all conjecture, and I believe the book portrayed him exactly the way he is, or close enough that the author captured his likeness. It's the reason this woman has sold written 23 books lol.

if you guys would take notice to his comments, they are all excuses. Not once does he say I'm sorry, I was an asshole, I was wrong, or anything like that. It's just a bunch of lame ass excuses, that he posted because he was probably reading the comments.

He's a looser guys, and Edna you are a sweet heart, but don't waste you precious words of wisdom on a looser tool like this guy.

Anonymous said...

I just finished the book today, I'm Bonita everyone.

Like Edna, I feel some kind a way, but it is nothing nice compared to what she said. This guy as a freeloader from jump, used this woman for what he could get, then when he was done just tossed her aside.

There are no excuses nor condolences for him behavior. he is a douche, and that is all.

I don;t think he ever loved her, he loved the sex, cuz you can tell that from the book, loved the money, because he was always asking her to buy him something, or feed him, and when he had his fill because people began to see what a looser he was; he broke up with her.

He is the worse kind of asshole out there.

Anonymous said...

I just got off work and say this, so I had to come on and defend my girl Alexa (alie).

I was there through the entire this as well, if it was Marge, than it was me she confided in. I won't say what is true and what isn't, but this motherfucker treated her worse than someone would a dog.

He is a liar, a cheater, and the guy who said he would have all kinds of women picking him up was telling the truth. The fact that he had to get his friends to come on here to defend him, shows the type of person he truly is.

I don't think it has shit to do with maturity, he is just one of those sorry people that will never change, unless something life threatening happens to him.

I hate him, and I don't even know him. I was supposed to go to that xmas party where she met him, and now I wish I would have made it, because I could have cock blocked him all night.

And I smack Marge every time I see her for coercing Alexa to date him, and believe she's sorry she ever said to date him.

This person will never change, because this is who he is deep inside, and what you people are seeing is is true self. Alexa likes to fool herself into believing that underneath this asshole there is a human because of the way he started out; what I say to that is bullshit. He was this person, only he couldn't continue to play the nice guy, because it was too far from his true self.

Anonymous said...

You are a fucken idiot Devon

Anonymous said...

I think ppl like you make other women look bad. She was in love with him, and love can make you do stupid things, but it doesn't mean the person is stupid. This guy was an asshole plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Its because of boys, because I won't say men like this kalani guy, and this fool above Devon that women don't trust men, use then for what they worth, and guys like that Thomas guy above get the short end of the stick. These men were a bunch of boys playing at men. I'm glad the character left this jerk. He shud just die off, because the world would be a better place is he did.

Anonymous said...

Its because of boys like this, because clearly they arent men, that women use men for what Theyre worth because of their, cheating ways. Im glad the character left his ass, i feel for her and that baby, because if the book is true look at the father!

Anonymous said...

This guy Devon is a looser just like the character kalani. Maybe they should get together, because its obviously Devon is in love with the kalani character. The kalani guy was a fucktard, and an animal that should have been put down.


Alexandria Infante said...

The Author Alexandria Infante...

Okay so the book has stirred a LOT of controversy, and as an author I can say I'm happy.

About the book;

It was my intent to shine a light on trifling people, then allow you to come to your own conclusions, with no prompting from me.

The opinions that you have stated, have been your own, and although some are harsh (towards Alie as well) they reflect the reactions to a bad situation.

There was a post this morning from the REAL KEV; as he put it, however I erased it.

I am assuming, because he is posting this at this late of a date, he only just found out about the book, and more than likely from the main male character. It is also surmisable, that the main male character addlibbed, lied and told his version of The Real Kev's portrayal in the book.

Each of you can attest that he made himself look the way he did, because I only reiterated the words and actions that were said.

It is not my intent to staunch the flow of opinions, however, when name calling comes into play, I will take action. The comments that the REAL KEV, as he put it were derogatory towards the main female character, and she has at not one point defamed him in anyway; you readers drew your own conclusions.

Mr. Kev made some valid points, so if he would like to re-frame his opinions in an intelligent way, he is welcomed to have his say; however, I always feel like people do more damage than good when they try to defend their bad behavior.

Because in the end of the comment, he stated that he loved his God son, they were family, and he was known as the rat, so he got what he wanted; which to me condones the son's behavior.

It also stated that people turn to insults when they know they are in the wrong, and either don't have the intelligence to fight fair, or they are just that TYPE of person.

Peace Out everyone, and thank you so much for chiming in one the book! :)

Anonymous said...

You know Ms. Infante,

the sad part is that you had to post the above. The problem they're having, is that they are sorry people, and the fact that your books shines a light on them for the people they truly are; they can't deal with that. So, ignorant people take the only road that they know.

I'm truly sorry you're going through this.


Anonymous said...

You know Alexandria, I wouldn't even worry bout people like them. They know they rachette, and they just got caught up in they rachetness. The good thing, is that Karma is a bitch, and they gone get theirs. It's just a good thing that you aien't the violent type, cuz that mofo Kalani would have got cut gurl!!

Be strong, and ignore these fools, cuz they only making themselves look bad.


Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say, that I caught the post before you were able to erase Ms. Infante, and I've been waiting all day to post on it, because I was at work.

The simple fact that the man, THE REAL KEv, posted what he did, shows that he ISN'T A REAL MAN! Only someone ignorant would resort to name calling, calling someone ugly, or I think he put, "A Sea Horse?"

This is high school mentality, and I say that your friend is better off Ms. Infante, because she is
now rid of the both of them.

Equally, I will ask as to what types of lenses he wear, because you my love, if this book is truly about you; are no way a seahorse, unless he misspoke and meant mermaid.

You are a very lovely classy lady, and I would be proud to date you. But then, I am a REAL MAN ;)


Take care Ms. Infante

Anonymous said...

Aight, my gurl said I had to apologize, cuz I guess she really like this lady, and I aien't gone get no pussy till I do!

Making me look like a BAN!

Anyway, she told me about the post this morning, and although I say take these hoes for what you can, supposedly, this lady, if the book is about her, is supposedly something special. She was actually my gurl's teacher, and now that I think about it, I met her once.

I apologize, anyway. Also, I don't be advocating tricking good women, which is what my gurl says this woman is. I meant these ratchet ass hoes, and from what my gurl tells me; this is a nice Ms. Lady, and after that I do think what y'all did to her was fucked up.

She wudn't in des streets, wudn't tryna take no man for shit, and is a teacher, and actually cared for this punk ass.


Anonymous said...

Minni here again...

I didn't catch the post, but Ms. Infante, it is to be expected. These people are deplorable users, scum beaders, and now you have shown them their true selves; so of course they will react to it, ignorantly I might add.

Ps. if the book is true fiction, you are a beautiful woman; you don't need either of them. Put this trash from your mind, move to NYC, find a nice Jewish guy, lol, and be happy never taking the time to think about these nasty people; unless it is to write a sequel! LOL

Anonymous said...


I downloaded the book, however I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet though. But I will say that it saddens me that our people always seem to revert to this, and constantly show they ass. I'm sorry this happened to the character, as well as women all around the world everyday.

These people need some Jesus. That is all that can be said. But I do find it ironic that the young man Devon recanted his earlier accusations.

Anonymous said...


Hey Alexandria! Long time no hear from, I am so sorry Alie had to go through this, and I'll be sure to feature the blog and the book on the site tomorrow. I think It'll make for some interesting reviews and comments. I'm giving the book to Kiesha to review, hahaha, and just from the post on here; I know she'll be on one.

Take care and we love you bunches! And tell Alie, she'll make it through this, because people see these people for what they truly are, if the book is correct :)

To the Blog,
Hey guys, look for the reviews on they should be up by the weekend

amanda selroy said...


OmG! I love Radical Reviews, and will def be looking for them. I'll tell some of my dorm mates, we love you guys, and you seriously know how to fight with words!!

Anonymous said...


I saw the post this morning too. The first thing that I thought, was what an idiot! You can they they were loosers, because the REAL KEv, is what like 45 years old, tryna talk like he young? I bet he was trying to live through his sorry ass god son!

Gurl, alie, you better off! And to top it off, no offense meant, but I wouldn't have that baby either. That means that you would be tied to this piece of shit for the rest of yo life gurl. And you don't wont that!

Janey Jergins said...

Hi Alexandria,

I read the post as well, and it was obvious what they were trying to do, and they look like fools more so than you ever could. I hate people like this, because they are bottom feeders, who latch onto and suck the life from all those around them. This is the ghetto at its finest, and I have a right to say that because I too am a minority.

This is why I don't date people from those walks of life...

Melvin T James said...

All this controversy,

these people are losers, we know it, they know, the end.

I would love to take you out Ms. Infante, especially since you're moving to NYC. I live in dwt Manhattan. Hit me up, I'm a real man ;)