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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who Knew Facebook Could be so Cut Throat???

Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series


I had seen the hundreds of thousand groups on facebook. As well, I actually belong to a few. I thought it fun, and a creative way to meet people with like interest, and just chat about books, authors and the like. I actually joined a few, and had a great time. However, with teaching, writing, trying to get out book 12 in the TBMD series, then shadow writing on five other books at the same time, I opted out of a few of them.

I was even offered by one of the groups the position of what they called an admin, but with finals coming, student papers and final grades due, I declined, because I knew there was no way I would get what I needed to do done, and still be there to co-mingle with the members.

Anyway, finals were over, I was assed out of a summer position by a tenured Professor, so I had the summer off. Well, in completing book 12 of the TBMD series, I thought I'd treat myself, and began spending more time on facebook ( code for lazy summer bum looking to waste time lol), and as I perused old Fb, I noticed that although there were plenty of Contemporary Romance groups, both IR and not, there weren't any IR Paranormal, nor were there an IR Historical, so I decided then and there to create my own :)

This was quite fun, and for once I got to feature what I wanted. I always kind of felt that the Contemp groups that I belonged to, weren't really interested in Paranormal, and they always found it weird, and unnatural.
So, it was never given the spotlight like the Contemporary genre. That truly annoyed me, so I said why not do my own "thang" and did so.

My groups were going great, had people actually asking to be added, and I thought cool; until the last three weeks.

The groups are climbing in numbers, however, someone keeps reporting the admin, which is me, as a spammer, so I am constantly denied access to my own groups! Is this insane or what? It happened for three weeks straight, and even now I am not allowed to participate in my own groups, and had to actually get people I know to govern over the groups.


Someone sent me a private message, and stated that haters will hate, and they believed that it was people from the other groups, and if I truly think about it, it just may be possible. It is sad, when people can't lift each other up, instead of tearing one another down.

Anyway, stop on by and check us out. We still have fun, despite the haters :)

FaceBook Groups:
Interracial Reads
Interracial Paranormal Romance
Interracial Historical Romance

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1 comment:

GL Tomas said...

I've noticed this with just a page I manage. I wonder if the ask for diversity is asking too much , because I can't see why people would hate.

Being honest, contemporary really bores me. Paranormal I really like, I'd say it's second to fantasy , third being sci fi. I wish more authors made more interracial couples and pairings in these genres :)

Keep up the good work!