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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book Reviews...

Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series...

Well Hay Thar!

Back at it again! I am just loving all the free reads I'm getting to enjoy. You guys know I truly adore my Historical and Contemporary IR Romance...but if you know anything about me truly...then you know I live and breathe PARANORMAL!!


So with that said...

Please give a round of applause to author Laverne Thompson...a truly awesome Paranormal author.

Not only does MS. Thompson pen delectable paranormal...but she's also a fabo Contemporary Romance author as well. I had the good fortune of getting a "Free.." I might add lol...copy of her latest...
                    Angel Rising: Redemption; Book 1
I truly enjoyed it, and I thought the premise of the book was sooo original! It was so awesome to see something different in our field...something I myself strive to do on a regular basis. Just like I transpose myth and legends into my paranormal...the fact that Ms. Thompson juxtaposed Vamp legend and Angle come up with what she did...the Professor in me gives her a Standing Ovation...for not only her imagination...but her obvious intellect on top of it.

Kudos rock!

The Characters of  Samuel and Thayla take you on their journey, and the sizzeling hot sexyness between them, makes you want her to get exactly what she needs from Samuel ( can't say what that is...don't want to spoil it). The dynamics of their relationship gets you right from the beginning, and you find yourself rooting for them, and their kind. I certainly hope to read more on these two in the next book...and it was truly an enjoyment Ms. Thompson ;)

Don't Believe the Pin...just check out some of these Reviews...www.

I Truly loved it...and I know you will too!

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