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Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Reviews this Week...

Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

This Week's Featurets...

Author Yvie Towers...

Introducing Whiplash and it's amazing sequel...Backlash.
If You're a IR Historical Romance Lover like me...then you have to get this book. Truly very entertaining. I felt every emotion that Mrs. Towers put into the character of Lily...and here are just a few reviews from Amazon to prove it.

Barbara Morgan of  Memphis, USA Praised 5 Stars
Whiplash will definite evoke emotions it was everything I expect from a book. Whiplash may not be for everyone. There is strong violence, sex and language. Whiplash is a story of Lily, a young, strong and courageous slave.

Lily has experienced enough pain to last a life time. Julian Devereaux, master of the plantation and Lily's newest master is a man who is struggling with his emotions. He is cruel to Lily but is also kind and loving in the only way he knows how to be.

Julian is not the only relationship Lily encounters. Beau is a slave who Lily meets on the Devereaux Plantation. Their bond is formed immediately.

Whiplash ends on a cliffhanger. I look forward to reading Backlash will be the next book.

I loved the characters and the story line were very well developed
The story will capture your interest from the beginning and hold it until the end.
I highly recommend this book.
Thank you to the author for an excellent story, I look forward to reading more from you.

Four Stars:
Damien Darke from Florida
Book Synopsis: I've got a story to tell - my story. It won’t always be a happy one, but I’m afraid that notion just isn't feasible, given my situation.
You see, I’m a slave – I have been since the day I was born. Being a slave has had bearing on every aspect of my life, so clearly I am limited in my ability to tell you anything but an often tragic and heartbreaking tale.
There have been moments of triumph for me, and I’ll tell you about those too. But, understand that for someone like me, victory usually comes at a cost higher than most people would be willing pay. This story is about my struggle to gain and maintain an identity without even really knowing who I wanted to be.

Author's Note: This novella, while fictitious, is set in the antebellum South of the United States. Every effort has been made to deliver a tale true to the time. This story contains scenes of violence, non-consensual and dubiously consensual sexual activity, as well as strong language.


Concept: Unlike the multitude of stories of slavery out, Whiplash centers around a different idea of what slaves had to endure and that is sexual slavery. This was indeed a refreshing idea and the Author (Yvie Towers) definitely did her research. As historical fiction you definitely get a feel for the time and the way of the world

Story: Whiplash is the story of a young slave girl named Lily and her growth during a period when slavery was still a bustling business and slaves were nothing more than chattel to be bought and sold on a whim much like cattle and harvested goods. As a young girl, her mother found a way of getting her a small bit of an education which is a very dangerous thing for a slave to have. We learn that the life of being a slave is never an easy one… that it is full of hardship and loss, and that slaves are moved around dependent on their usefulness. We learn that the life of a Master of a plantation centers on you being able to instill fear right off the bat and that the crack of a whip can definitely draw line in the sand between an Owner and the owned. We watch as this young lady looses pretty much everything and as she learns to harden herself to come to terms with her life as it is. For Lily no plantation seems different until she is sold to the Devereaux plantation and everything changes for her upon meeting Julian Devereaux the Master of her new “home”; everything that she’s come accept about herself, her station in life and her place with her Masters is all about to change.

Character Development: Lily never really seems like a weak girl… from the start you get the feeling that she doesn’t look at the way her life is as a means of just crumpling up and giving up. From one plantation to the next she finds a way to survive and grow. She looses everything from her mother to her sister right down to shreds of her dignity, but she doesn’t allow any of it to break her. She is a young lady with a lot of life in her and you grow to want to see more of her.
Julian Devereaux is her last Master in this part of the story, and I’ll have to say that I was wishing to know more about him as a leading character. We get bits and pieces, but it seems like there was more to him that maybe a bit of a back story could have covered. Within his life there were a few characters that came and went and you really wanted to know what their part in his life was… there’s a lot more to Mr. Devereaux, a lot more.
Beau… I got the feeling there would be more about him, but he just kind of slipped in and kind of faded away, but I don’t know, maybe there will be more of and on him in the storylines to come.

Dialogue: The dialogue between characters was nicely structured and decently developed. Most of it was believable, but because of the amount of books and movies we’ve been inundated with the conversations of the slaves was a little too correct.

Structure: I found this book to be very well put together and as I’ve said Ms. Towers definitely did her research. The book was a very easy and pleasant book to read and once you get into you want to know what's around the next corner. She did a very, very good job on getting her work proofread and edited and that in itself made her work worth reading.

Overall Review: For the little bit I would have love to have seen in this first book, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a really good book to read. It gives you a different view of how slaves were treated… the brutality of being a field slave over the possible “plush” existence of being a manor slave, but knowing that as either you were still not your own person; knowing that you were still nothing more than livestock to be done with as the Master of the manor saw fit. I look forward to seeing just how far Ms. Towers goes with book Two.
So you see...Pin is not the only one who loved this book lol.
You must read this it is an experience in reading...that you can only get from actually reading it.
I recomend it to those who love IR Historical with a dark side to it.

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