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Monday, March 9, 2015

This Week's Book Reviews...

Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Introducing Author Michael Erickston...

Author of The Last Crusader series...

This series is great so far. I'm waiting on Book 3 as you can is coming soon.
The last Crusader has my opinion Knight's Templar flava...but with some kick ass Vampyr.
We get everything from the eyes of the Sir Colton Drake...and boy is it an eye full.

So...if you like Historical IR have to check out this series.

Don't believe me...just check out a few of the reviews so far ;)

Great book! 
February 9, 2015
This was a great book, it started a little slow but when it picked up it was amazing. I fell in love with all the characters in the book which is why I was so sad at some of the events that took place, but that's what made me love the book even more. This author has a new fan! I can't wait to start book 2, this series is a must read.

Great Historical Fantasy
January 27, 2015
This story takes you on adventure, as told by the newly born/created vampyr Sir Colton Drake. In this wonderful story, do you not only learn of his beginnings, but you also share his love, and pain. If you're into historical dramas with the right mix of fantasy, romance and action, then I highly recommend this story, as well as the following series.
A Must read guys...especially since the Pin said so! LOL.

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