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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Snippet Sunday!!!

Author Alexandria Infante. 
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Hay hay hay!!

Guess What
 Its Snippet Sundayyyyyyy!!!
        Renewal: Be Careful What You Wish For...


     When he reached his condo Finnlagh let himself in, tossed his keys on the foyer table, and headed straight for the bathroom to shower.
An hour later, he walked out with a sigh.
Finnlagh filled the glass, then frowned as he raised the glass and it reflected the light.
    He hadn’t taken human blood in a hundred years, but there was just something about her, which made it almost next to impossible for him to control the urge.
He walked across the kitchen, put the glass in the microwave, then sighed again.
     “Fuck wanker, get over her!” He yelled at himself as the microwave dinged.
He took the glass out, then padded into the living room and turned on the flat screen.
It wasn’t like he was actually sleepy anyway.
He had another four hours before death claimed him, and with the new shifts in power, who actually knew. He had no clue what was going on, but from his brief conversation with Vexin, he saw that the shite had finally hit the fan. Finnlagh had hoped that he would be well away from it, but it seemed like he was being drawn in, whether he wanted to or not.
100 years, and he’d missed this fucken bollix, but one call from Roman, and here he was in the thick of it!
He didn’t want this; he hadn’t survived for a 122 years, drawing attention to himself.
Seph told him years ago that he would need to join a coven, but it just seemed like a waste of time, especially since he was never in any one place for long periods.
But shite, if this was the muck of it, then he would have no choice!
He sighed as he rose, poured more blood in the glass, then took it to the microwave.
As it dinged, he realized that he didn’t truly want it.
He peered at the glass again, then actually thought about the last time he’d craved human blood.
He frowned as he realized that he couldn’t actually remember it.
Was it because of her that the urge tonight seemed so strong?
   He was nowhere near to an antediluvian, shite, he was only a hundred and 122 years old; but now it seemed as if he were actually near what Vexin would be.
Finnlagh drained the glass, turned off the TV, then walked into his bedroom. He lowered both sets of blinds on his side, but left the front one open, then flipped the stereo on.
    He moaned as T.G.T’s “OMG” seeped into the room, groaning as he pulled the pillow into his body.
That was exactly what she made him feel!
He immediately received an image of her, and groaned again.
She was in bed, the blankets had risen, so one smooth thigh was exposed.
Fuck! Finnlagh whimpered.
He closed his eyes again, then gasped because he was suddenly above her.
     “Are you real? Finally…” She whispered as she encircled his neck with her arms, then kissed him deeply.
    “Yes.” He whispered back, then deepened the kiss.
Shite! He thought…she was liquid heat.
    He felt the rush, then took a deep breath.
He needed to control himself.
His eyes sparkled with lust, as he reached out and pulled her to him kissing her again. She rolled to her stomach, and he growled as he slid up behind her. Her breath caught as he pushed his hips forward, biting her neck at the same time, and she moaned.
His brain screamed, as he tasted her.
He thought gasping to catch his breath. He’d never wanted a woman this bad in his life, and her blood just seemed to sing through his veins.
But he knew he had to be careful, as she pulled him back to her....                                

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