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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Snippet Sunday!

Author Alexandria Infante. 
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Snippet Sunday!!!

                      Nuadha's Revenge...

Just a lil heads up about Nuadha's Revenge.
Nuadah is a Crossover between the TBMD series...if you "Don't" read Renewal won't have any clue what's going on...


When they reached the halls, the Council members were all there.
“This will be a battle of battles.” Llewellyn stated, Roí nodded, and they both gapped as the huge blonde man suddenly walked into the room with a slight smile.
“Obereion!” Roí shouted astonished, they embraced, then drew away from each other.
“Where is he?” He hissed as Roí drew back.
“I am assuming with Cliodna at Muta Linna.”
“Then that is where I must go.” Obereion spat, when Arieanná halted him.
This was one huge ass man! 
Her brain cried, because he towered over Halleren, and Arieanná knew that Hal was at least 6’4!
Umm…excuse me? And you are? I mean I know you’re fricken huge as shit, but you might need a lil help.” She stated, he stared at her for several moments, then threw his head back laughing.
“From such as wee lass as yerself?” He asked as he walked towards her, then towered over her, the mirth evident in his eyes.
“Don’t let the size fool you big boy.” She returned dryly glaring up at him, then allowed a small portion of her power to roll across his skin, he gasped, then grinned.
Auron growled behind her.
Obereion glanced in his direction, his blue eyes twinkling.
“No need wolf, she is quite fetching, however, I am not interested.” He grinned, Arieanná gave him a look as she felt his power roll up her skin, then grinned back slightly as she mouthed liar.
Obereion threw his head back laughing again.
“You’d be the first.” Jobey mumbled, he heard her, looked in her direction, then grinned.
“I am quite interested in that, however, now is not the time. What do ye have in mind my mycket liten sexig gudinna?” He asked smiling as he looked down on Arieanná, and Daghda stepped in front of her to glare at him.
“Don’t fucken call her thá!” He spat, and Obereion laughed gazing at Arieanná.
“Is thá not what she is? I felt her power, ań why should ye have care anyway?” He asked still grinning, then looked up as the blonde ebbed into the room baring his fangs.
“Because she belongs to me!” Daghda spat, and Auron’s growl became even louder.
“Seems the wolf ań the vampire beg to differ.” Obereion laughed. “May hap, she belongs to none of ye, and is actually waiting for a “true God”.” He laughed in Daghda’s direction, then looked Arieanná in the eyes, her cheeks tinted, and she gasped as she felt something from him latch on to her.
“Maybe she wants none of ye! Can we skip the pissing contest, and see what Roí needs!” Arieanná yelled trying to ignore what he’d done, Obereion laughed again, however, when his gaze shifted to Auron, Daghda, then Sephoroth, it was anything but friendly.
“What is it ye have need of brother?” Obereion asked turning towards Roí, and he sighed.
“Nuadha has returned, ań we believe in line wit Cliodna ań Lokie’s plans. If anything, stop yer brother first ań foremost.”
“Good, ań I shall.” He stated, then turned to go.
“Okay, but wait, what do we do?” Midna cried, and he paused again.
His eyes widened in surprise, and he grinned again.
Kailen stood in front of Midna, and she glared up at him, then moved him out of her view.
“Stop it! This is serious!” She hissed up at Kailen, and they both glared at each other.
As Obereion glanced around the Sentient chamber, his eyes widened, as well as the grin.
“I daresay things have changed greatly since I have been in these realms.” He commented laughing as he gazed at the women surrounding him. They were completely beautiful. “I had no idea we had such ties with humans like this.” He chuckled and Roí shoved him frowning.
“Fine, where is my brother, ań may hap the two mycket liten sexig gudinna can help me seek him out?” He countered grinning as he winked at both Arieanná and Midna, who’s cheeks turned scarlet, as their husbands took a step forward.
“It might just be best if Arieanná ań Midna were to go wit him, ań we keep the fort down here?” Roí suggested, and the men began to protest, when Asa stepped in.
“Shut it, the lot of ye! If this is what ye need brother, then it shall be. Ye have been there for us time and again, and we’ll give ye no shite about it.” He spat in Auron’s direction, and his growl only grew.
“Fine, then it shall be.” Keelik commanded, and Obereion grinned as he held his hands out to Arieanná and Midna. They looked at each other wide-eyed, then made a move forward, when their husbands seized them.
“Ye cannae go wit him, ye know nothin about him!” Auron hissed, Arieanná sighed, then caressed his face.
“Auron…why would Roí send me with him if he didn’t trust him. Think about it baby.” She whispered, he sighed, then closed his eyes into her palm.
“Fine, but I’m not bloody happy about it.”
“Me either, but if this is what it takes to kick Lokie’s ass out of here, then we have to do it.” She hissed, and he nodded. “And take care of my baby Auron, I mean it!” She snapped, and he grinned slightly as he kissed her.
“He can be a pompous overbearing asshole, but he will protect her.” Daghda stated, as she turned and kissed him as well.
“Okay, but who is he?” Arieanná asked as she looked in Obereion’s direction, and he was watching them with interest.
“Even if I told ye, ye wud never believe me.” Daghda said as he drew back from her embrace as she turned to Sephoroth kissing him as well.
“If ye need me, simply call.” Sephoroth commanded, and she grinned nodding up at him as he too glared at Obereion.
“Are we arranged?” Obereion asked grinning, as Midna drew away from Kailen.
“Yea…just a sec.” She said, snapped her fingers, and Arieanná laughed as she suddenly had on sweats, a hoodie and trainers.
“If I’m gonna do this shit, it’s my way.” Midna gripped, then grinned as Arieanná was suddenly wearing the same.
“We out.” She said, and Obereion frowned as he took both their hands.
“What is this, ‘we out,’ phrase?” They heard him question before they ebbed.
“Now what?” Daghda snapped.
“We defend the parameter.” Roí commanded, just as the castle was rocked again by Foreman magick, that sent each of them to the floor.
“Mount up men!” Llewellyn shouted, and the sentries, and the men rushed from the room.
“What the fuck do we do?” Jobey cried, when Roí turned.
“Defend the castle lass, all thá is Faè Light resides in this one place. If they are able to breach the parameter, ań we cannae stop them, it is up to ye lasses to make shure they do not enter. If the Foreman are able to enter the Sentient Halls lovie, all is lost to the Lite Side!” He wailed, and Jobey sighed.
“Great, that’s no pressure at all.” She cried, Roí grinned slightly, nodded, then rushed after the men.
“Kal, you take point.” Jobey commanded, and she nodded as she ran her hand across her abdomen. She gasped when he suddenly appeared grinning.
“What, ye assumed that I would leave ye lass?” He question, Jobey frowned glaring at him, and he ignored her as he walked to Kalanit and embraced her tightly.
“We…shall take point.” He countered glaring right back at Jobey as he took Kalanit’s hand.
Kalanit merely shrugged sheepishly, then walked into the hallway with him.
Thank God Quillan was with the others! Kalanit thought sighing as Merlin tugged on her hand.
“I am so sick of this shit!” Jobey hissed, then gasped as Markus walked into the banquet hall grinning.
She sighed, rolled her eyes even more as the elders began to show up, then said fuck it. Regardless of their reason for being here, it was more power to the lite side, and that was all that mattered right now.
She did however, wonder why Stenos wasn’t present.
“Thought ye might need some help love.” Riley grinned, and Maggy sighed trying not to grin herself.
Thank God Regan was with the other men. She sighed, then nodded as he pulled her towards the double doors to guard them.

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