Multicultural Paranormal Romance Author Alexandria Infante


Monday, April 18, 2016

When should age matter...

Author Alexandria Infante. 
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn & A Lite Farie Tale Series


my friend has this dilemma.
And yes, it is my friend people hahah…not me.

She was dating this guy who she thought the world of, they were going strong for almost a year; then he did a complete 360 degree turn. They began to fight all the time, couldn’t agree on anything, but they still loved each other. So in the interim, she decided to take a break from the relationship.
Granted, he wasn’t feeling it, was actually angry about it….or angry with her because of it…but she felt it was the best thing for them; so he accepted…however…not liked it.
Here comes the drama tee-hee-hee, and I swear there is a next book in here somewhere.

Maybe I can make one a Were…and the other a Vamp lol.


she began to go to new places, did different things from what they used to do, and low and behold…she met this new guy.
Anyway, ladies, ones this ass spanking hot Irish Caucasian guy lol, and the other a Italian wet dream haha.
she showed me lots of pics! 
demanded it!

 cue Shakespearean Chorus…drama begins….

She began to date the Italian dream.
They date for about six months, when the Irish hottie comes back, says he's sorry,  he can’t live without her, (movie here lol) and he needs her in his life.
Now my friend is completely confused, because although she loves the first guy, she’s developed feelings for the new guy.

(I pose this question… can you be in love with two people at the same time?
Readers fight about this all the time. My conundrum with Arieanná in the TBMD series).

Well…it becomes a pissing contest…to see which one can outdo the next.
However, for her…it’s painful, because she now loves both men, but she can’t say no to either.
Crazy part, they both know about each other now, lol; so let the games begin.
I’ve told her to just walk away from both, but I know that’s easier said than done.
What do you guys think?

Ooooh & P.S…the real kicker lol.
The Irish Hottie is 29, & the Italian Dream is 26.
My bestie… 39!
Lol, I love it.
I too date younger men, and love it.
And no people it is not me lma0!
I’m 47.

But I would... take two ass spanking hot youngsters fighting over me any day! ;)

Pin Out ;)

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