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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Catch A Snippet of the New Shifter Series...

Author Alexandria Infante. 
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

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Bayou Blues; Louisiana Made

I Belong
to You…

 As we walked in, I marveled, awe inspired as the spiraling staircase seemed to twinkle, inviting me in.
This house was amazing!
“Hey, you guys finally made it!” Christophe cried as he saw us, and Christy motioned for us to place the mask on.
“Yea, this place is fricken amazing!” I cried, and Christophe laughed.
“Yea, he had a specific taste and person in mind when he did it. The interior decorator told me that she almost quit five times, but each time, he would up her price, until she got it right. Is that crazy or what.”
“Shit, for who?” Christy cried, and Christophe shook his head.
“No clue, he won’t say, but I think I might have an idea.” Christophe said, but I was no longer paying attention, as I saw the glass floor, or what appeared to be a glass floor to the ballroom; leaving them where they stood.
It was as if something were calling me, and I couldn’t seem to not, hear it.
“Damn, now that is just romantic, and sexy as fuck!” Christie cried, because she too knew who Luc had built all this for, even if Izzy refused to see it.
“I know. I was here all week. Maybe now she’ll get it, and stop trippin; because he and I are related. It ain’t got shit to do with her. I swear the man is in love with her.” Christophe stated, then took her hand. “I too have something romantic to share.” He stated wiggling his brows, and Christie threw her head back laughing.


As I maneuvered through the crowded dance floor, the music changed to this amazing seductive beat.
The waiter suddenly paused in front of me, and I looked up at him surprised.
“The host has sent this for the lovely lady.” He smiled behind the mask, and I frowned slightly.
I noticed the two glasses of champagne were tinted an electric green, then stared at them for several moments.
“Both?” I asked, my brows rising, and he nodded grinning.
“Seems he thinks you need to loosen up a bit.” He laughed, and I frowned out right then.
I snatched both glasses off his tray, then commenced to down them both.
He threw his head back laughing, winked, then sauntered off.
I took a deep breath, then released it slowly.
I wasn’t sure why I was nervous, but something strange was in the air; and if I had to describe it, it was pure energy, but of a sexual nature.
I eased in between this dancing couple, attempting to get to the middle of the dance floor.
I didn’t care if I would be dancing alone, but something about this song made me want, no need to dance.
I closed my eyes behind the mask, and just allowed the music to envelope me, sighing as it seemed to take me higher.
But then again, it could have been the two glasses of champagne I’d just downed.
I felt some kind of electrical charge go through me, then gasped as I felt his presence.
Somehow even with my eyes closed, I knew it was him.
“I’d know this body anywhere.” He suddenly whispered into my neck, his lips brushing my skin, and I swear I felt it to the core of me and had to stifle the moan.
“Luc.” His name seemed to ease from me on a deep breath; he nodded, then drew me into his body, my back to his chest.
His hands caressed my bare shoulders, then nape of my neck, and I nearly screamed.
I wasn’t sure what was in that fucking champagne, or if I was just straight up horny; but every time he touched me, it felt as if tiny electrical currents were shooting through me, centering on every pleasure zone I had.
“Luc.” I gasped; he turned me, then crushed my lips with his.
“I need Cher, I swear I do! I cain’t function without her.” He swore fiercely against my lips, I gasped, opened my mouth to speak, when he covered it with his again; and I swear I almost screamed.
“And I didn’t mean for Cher to drink them both, one was mine.” He whispered in my ear, but I could no longer concentrate.
He swept me into his arms, then nodded to some men in the corner, and they parted the people for him.

His Vow…
His Mate…

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I knew I wanted him so far up in me in that moment, that I would swear it was burning a hole in me!
“Luc…” I moaned, and he nodded.
“Jus hole on mon amour; I promise it’ll pass soon.” He swore, as he took the stairs two at a time.
As he entered the bedroom, I somehow switched positions in his arms, he gasped, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, locking my lips with his.
Cher non, you don’t know what chue doin!”
“Yes I do, fuck me!” I hissed in his ear, and would swear I heard him growl.
Amourexu…I cain…” I silenced him with my lips, jumped down from his arms, and immediately began snatching his clothes off. I shimmied out of my dress, which left only the garters and undies.
Which were crotch-less.
When he was bare chest, my touch caused him to gasp, snatch up a glowing green bottle, then down half its contents.
Beb, we cain’t do this!” He wailed backing up, and I gasped shocked.
“Fine, if you don’t fucking want me, just fucking say so Luc! But stop playing these fucking games!” I yelled, because that was the third time he blew me off.
I snatched up my dress to cover my breast, then made a b-line for the door, but never made it.
We slammed into the wall, he placed one strong arm between my legs, then hoisted me up eye level, pinning me there with his arm in between my thighs, and I swear my vajush was screaming for more.
I looked into his eyes shocked.
“Not want you? I have tried everythin in ma power; to not fucking want you Izzy!” He spat, and my eyes widened, because his were suddenly an amber green.
“But…” He cut me off, by placing his finger to my lips.
Naw, Cho! Co! You da one who been leadin me on a merry chase Poupèe, then boude all damn day, when I let go; don’t give me that merde. So stick a sussette in it and listen.” He barked, I was short of breath, and my eyes narrowed.
But my faithless ass body caused me to nearly moan in pleasure from that slight touch, despite my offense.
“I never said…” I attempted, he shook his head drawing even closer to me, and I was all aware that his arm was still between my thighs, giving me pleasure, even if he had no clue of it.
“Just stop.” He commanded, jerking me into his body, and I swear I had never been so turned on by a man in my life!
Gone was my docile Luc, replaced by this extremely sexy…aggressive…man.
And I was loving every fucking minute of it.
“You want me to fuck you Izzy? Believe me; I have wanted to do nothin more since I was sixteen fucking years old! But this ain’t about a fuck; it’s about you and me Izzy. You belonging to me, and no one else. Me…the only man allowed between these thighs.” He declared, as he suddenly removed his arm, caught me, and pinned me to the wall, his hands gripping my hips.
Me the only man smacking this tight ass.” He affirmed into my throat as his hands suddenly began to palm my ass, and my head rolled back, leaning against the wall.
I gasped as he suddenly held me against the wall with his upper body, then stepped out of his slacks.
Me the only man sucking on this hot little cunt.” He avowed, and I did scream this time, as he placed two fingers inside of me, and my muscles immediately began to milk them for all the pleasure I could get.
Me the only man making you cum for hours; cuz believe me, if I fuck you, you belong to me, and me only Izzy and I fucking mean that! Because I swear to God, I will kill any other man you do.” He pledged with a growl, actually seriously bit my neck this time, jerked me down on his erection, and I screamed from the pleasure.
“Still want me to fuck you?”He snarled, and I could only pant, as I felt myself completely full for the first time in my life, then wiggled to draw him up even deeper, and he growled in the back of his throat.
“From this moment on Izzy, you are my mate, no one else’s. Understand that Izobel Katrina Marie Santos; because I will fucking kill, any man who comes near you.” He vowed, wrapped my legs around his waist, kicked his slacks to the side, then took me to that huge ass bed.

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