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Friday, May 27, 2016

Whoot-Whoot Paranormal!!!

Author Alexandria Infante. 
Home of the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series
A Lite Farie Tale
The Soledo Witch Series
Bayou Blues

Hey everyone!

So i know it's been a minute since I posted.
Had some contemporary lines due with their I was a busy bee!

Now I am free to give you what you need!!!
Lol, and that is sexy...steamy...ass spanking hot...Paranormal!

We also have some awesome news!
We just started an ALL SHIFTER Series!
Nothing but smoking hot shifters 24/7!

The First Book; Bayou Blues; Louisiana Made will release July 10th, so I hope you ladies are ready for it!
As I wrote this book, all I kept thinking was; 
"If Luc was real...he could get it!!"

So basically of course you know that it'll cross over with the other books in the other series...however, it will be strictly shifters, something T.BM.D started out as, but morphed into something else Hahahaha!

So, you are now updated!
Keep following, because for the month of July, we'll be doing some freebies...and you never know which series we'll hit!

Pin out! :)

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