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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Freebie this Month!!!

Author Alexandria Infante.
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...Bayou Blues...A Lite Farie Tale & The Soledo Witch series...

Freebie this month!!!
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Snippet Thursday!!!

Author Alexandria Infante. 
 This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...A Lite Farie Tale...Soledo Witches...Bayou Blues Series

Been working hard on the upcoming books.
So I decided that Thursdays I would post snippets of the new books.
Hope you Enjoy!,

T.B.M.D; Gladys....


Stenos sighed, caressed the parchment, then vowed that he would find her!
He needed her; he couldn’t go back to that same existence!
She was everything to him.
The very blood and breath to his body literally!
His mind immediately went to the first time he tasted her;
     “Okay I’m not sure what you can teach me, but I guess since Naquamorta said it I have no choice; because I might baulk the system, but granny ain’t one to fuck wit.” Arieanná replied looking up at him, and his brows rose.
     “Ready, now?” Stenos asked grinning; she wrinkled her nose and gave him the finger. He howled with laughter.
     “Ye love are a prize.” He commented as he pulled her to him, lifted her, placed her arms around his neck, and Arieanná gasped wide-eyed as they ebbed from the room.
When he placed her on her feet, Arieanná looked around the house amazed.
This house would make even Sephoroth’s pale in comparison.
     “And this is yours?” She gulped, and he nodded grinning.
Arieanná thought.
This was bad.
     As he smiled and walked towards what looked like a kitchen, she frowned.
No, this was worse than bad!
    He stopped at the kitchen doors, poked his head in, spoke to someone; then came back to where she was.
     “Come.” He commanded taking her hand tugging her in the other direction.
    He pulled her into the dining room, and Arieanná gasped again.
The entire room was a deep stained cherry wood, and you could still smell the wood in the air. She closed her eyes, breathed in the scent, then shook herself mentally.
It was beautiful.
    “Sit.” He commanded, she looked at the table stunned, then at him. He smiled, then inclined his head as he motioned to the table.
It was already set, ladden with food.
Arieanná frowned as she noticed exactly what type of food it was.
     “Humm, thank you, but I’m actually not hungry.” She countered, and as if on cue, her traitorous stomach growled her lie.
His brow rose as he grinned down on her.
     “Fine.” She sighed, then sat down.
    She was surprised as he sat next to her, but on the left side. She’d picked the chair at the head of the table, thinking he would go to the other end.
    He waved the servants forward, they served her, then one placed a glass of red wine next to her plate.
   Arieanná looked at him sharply, then her eyes narrowed, and he threw his head back laughing.
     “Tis wine, smell it.” He countered, and she couldn’t help the slight grin. She pointed to her stomach, he nodded, then waved to the servant and he took it away.
As Arieanná raised the fork, she paused mid-air.
     “Okay, what is it you think you can teach me that I don’t already know? Remember, I too am a direct descendant?” She asked, then ate her salad.
     “Well, bloody patience for one.” He came back with, she did the same thing, wrinkled her nose and gave him the finger and he laughed.
     “Ye my love are…the most…impatient woman I have ever met, and I am seven millennia.” He stated, and she sighed.
     “Fine, but I’m serious.” She said, as he took one of the long tailed shrimp and popped it into his mouth.
     “So am I.” He cried laughing.
     “You can eat food?” Arieanná countered stunned, and he nodded.
     “Yes, remember, I was the first. I can walk in the sun, holy water doesn’t affect me, and I’m quite fond of crucifixes.” He stated, picked up the Celtic cross from under his tee and showed it to her.
     “Seriously?” Arieanná whispered wide-eyed and he nodded his grin a bit wider.     
    “Truly. I do not need to feed; well of course, I do for other reasons. However, the need would only strike me like that once every year or so. Unfortunately, for my children, the species was corrupted on its way down, so not a one of them holds any of my traits now, except for the lust.
       Well, maybe with the exception of Seph, Rue, Saix, Kellen, Ryzo and Cerulean. But then I guess I have ye to thank for that.” He returned smiling at her as he speared a piece of watermelon, then leaned back in the chair to watch her.
Arieanná suddenly felt self-conscious.
     “So what was it you were saying about teaching me to be patient? And didn’t yo mamma ever tell you it’s rude to stare?” She asked looking away from him, and his grin widened.
     “No, she did not. Not that I would have listened when it comes to ye. When ye’ve had yer fill, I’ll teach ye.” He replied, but somehow Arieanná knew his remark had a double meaning to it.
    30 minutes later Arieanná rose from the table and he came around it to stand in front of her. He smiled down on her, then took her hand and pulled her from the room.
    As they walked into his parlor, the flames in the fireplace instantly jumped to life. Arieanná frowned again.
    He went to the bar, poured two glasses of something, then chased his with the rum.
Arieanná sighed in want.
It had been three and a half months since she’d had a glass of rum.
He handed her the glass, and she shook her head.
     “There is no alcohol in it sweets, just Cystal. And not a lot of that, wouldn’t want ye to take advantage of me.” He grinned; she rolled her eyes and took the glass.
     “Sit.” He commanded gesturing to the sofa, she took a seat, kicked off her shoes; then drew her legs up under her.
     “You were saying?” She asked as she brought the glass to her lips.
Wow, this tasted different, Arieanná thought.
Actually better than Saix’s.
     “Mine is of the more expensive type.” He responded, and she frowned.
     “Stay out of my fricken head or I’m leaving; and I don’t give a shit what Naquamorta says.” She spat, and he sighed.
     “Fine, but tis this temper of yers which gets the lot of ye into trouble. Ye do not think before ye react, and look at the chaos ye’ve caused.” He stated frowning. “The first thing ye need to learn is control. I am quite surprised none of the three Gods has taught ye this yet.” He cried as he looked at her, Arieanná frowned, then finished the contents of the cup.
     “Another?” He asked, and she nodded.
He rose, turned his back, mixed her another, then came back to the sofa; but this time he was closer to her.
     “Fine…fine…than teach me.” She muttered, and he nodded.
     “Come, sit on the floor.” He suggested, she nodded, then sat down on the floor.
She finished the drink, but this time there was a really strange after taste. She shrugged because it tasted like cinnamon and something else she knew she knew; but the taste was escaping her.
     “Now, give me yer hands.” He said as she crossed her legs facing him. “Close yer eyes, and concentrate on the anger ye feel every time ye don’t get yer way.” He retorted, and she could hear the laughter in his voice.
     “That is not true!” She wailed opening her eyes; he gave her a look then that said yeah right.
     “Close yer eyes, and do what I said.” He commanded laughing, she humphed, then stuck her tongue out at him.
     “I saw that.” He commented grinning, even though his eyes were closed.
     “Fine.” She hissed back.
     “Now, whatever images ye see I want ye to continue to hold my hands. This is how we gain control of the mind, something ye need desperately.”
     “Whatever.” Arieanná muttered, and he squeezed her hands. “Owe!” She whined.
    “Then stop being a wiseass.” He replied, and she sighed. “The more ye can take in, the more ye can control. What I cause to manifest takes control, and release. If ye break the link between us, than ye break the hold on the control ye have with the manifestations.” He said, and she nodded.
    However, Arieanná did not like the way he’d said release. She could hear something else in his voice as he said it, but she nodded anyway to satisfy him.
    It began with her was next to a peaceful, tranquil river. She sighed, and fell deeper into his control. It panned, she saw the beautiful lush green fields, then sighed again falling deeper into the vision.
     “Concentrate.” He whispered, and she nodded.
   She suddenly saw a beach house, and herself walking along the sand.
   As she approached the house the candle light flickered, danced on the walls, and she thought it looked so inviting; so she drew back the netting and walked in.
    She frowned as she realized it was someone’s bedroom. She turned to leave, but the hammock and the beach were gone, replaced by an enormous four post-bed surrounded by that same netting.
Arieanná frowned.
What the hell?
    He was suddenly there, he gestured to the two chairs facing each other, and she nodded taking a seat in one relieved.
   He smiled as he sat down, then put his hands out to her.
   Stenos grinned as he felt her falling deeper into the vision. She was at the point of having no distrust of him now. His grin widened as he thought himself clever for bringing in the two chairs.
He concentrated on her then.
    Arieanná closed her eyes just a bit tighter, and could feel the globe surround them. She gasped as she felt the power seep from him into her, and her head went back.  
    She licked her lips, and a moan escaped her throat.
    Arieanná didn’t see the sinister grin on Stenos’ face.
     “Okay, now concentrate. I want to teach ye how to move things with yer mind. It is already in ye, ye just need to develop it.” He whispered, and she nodded.
   “Feel the forces around ye Arieanná. When ye feel the right one, open yerself up to it and draw it into ye.” He whispered again, and she nodded.
It felt as if everything slowed down, and she could hear her own heartbeat clearly.
       “Yes, can ye feel it?” He asked softly, and she heard a second heartbeat.
Surely, that could not be him. Arieanná thought.
He was a vampire.
       “Nae, tis not me, tis the pulse of yer blood love.” He said, and she noticed his voice sounded different.
Thick with something else.
   His grip tightened on her hands, she moved his chair just a bit away from her with her mind, and he chuckled.
      “Deeper, concentrate.” He commanded, and she gasped as the images filled her mind.
It was his life, complete with his Roman days. They pumped into her mind so fast, she tried to pull her hands from his, but he wouldn’t let go.
 Arieanná could feel her breath coming is audible gasps now, then the images shifted abruptly.
     He was above her, as his lips touched her skin she moaned. He brought her up, she felt him caress her shoulder, then kiss it. She took another deep breath, because it was as if she was actually making love to him.
She moaned again, gasping for breath as the images spun through her brain, with each touch from him as her head went back. He placed her in his lap, and she realized they were both naked. He pulled her hips forward, she felt his fangs sink into her neck, and a feeling she had never felt before surrounded her, pulling the both of them into it.
    Arieanná screamed, then jerked her hands from him and the link broke. She stared across at him, then scrambled backwards. he was panting as she studied him wide eyed. He looked as if he was just as stunned, as he gasped for breath peering at her wide-eyed too.
    Then before Arieanná realized it, he bit her. The most exquisite sensation enveloped her, and she screamed from the pleasure of it over and over. His hands came up to caress her breast, as he jerked her into him.
She screamed again, and he raised his head and yelled himself.
     “Fuck!” He rasped as he released her.
     “Shite!” Arieanná hissed as she scrambled to her feet.
     “I’m sorry.” He panted, and she noticed his eyes looked amazing as they spun.
     “No yer not.” She mocked, he grinned as he rose to his feet as well still panting.
     “But ye learned…some control.” He returned grinning, she socked him in the chest then frowning, and he laughed.
     “Shit, its 8 ó clock Stenos! Take me back.” She wailed looking at her watch, and he nodded as he smiled.
She’d called him by his name.
     “And yer husbands?” He questioned as he nodded to her neck.
     “For what?” She asked frowning.
     “The marks love.” He said nodding to her neck again.
     “What marks?” She grinned as she turned her head, and although a tiny bit red, the marks were gone.
     “But how?” He inquired awed.
     “Sweet little trick from the Goddesses. I guess they knew my husbands would be on one. Not that I would blame them where yer, concerned. You did that on purpose.” Arieanná mocked him, and he placed her arms around his neck.
     “Says who?” He countered grinning down on her.
     “Me, wiseass.” She returned with a slight grin.
     “And yer not attracted to me?” He solicited with one brow raised.
     “No.” She countered, and he laughed.
     “Liar. But I shall leave it for now.”He stated, and she didn’t like the look in his eyes.
     “Let’s leave it indefinitely.” Arieanná muttered.
     “For ye love, that is something I cannot do. I promise ye that.” He muttered back, her breath caught, as she looked up at him shocked.
     And he felt even more that way now, then he did then!
She would be his!
He hissed, as he crumbled the spell, then grinned...           

Monday, July 25, 2016


Author Alexandria Infante.
 This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...A Lite Faire  Tale...Soledo  Witches...Bayou Blues Series...

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Releases....

Author Alexandria Infante. This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn ...A Lite Farie Tale...The Soleso Witches...Bayou Blues Series....

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The release of Bayou Blues, Gata & Scrying are all on for you lovelies to purchase!

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