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Monday, June 12, 2017

I am so sick of this "Mean Girl" Bullshit!

Author Alexandria Infante. 
 This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...A Lite Farie Tale...Soledo Witches...Bayou Blues Series...

Hey Everyone Jen here... Alexandria and Aurele's PA!

It is with a sad heart that I am announcing that Alie will no longer be on Facebook.

I guess after ten years, the bullshit finally got to her. It is completely fucked up to me that an awesome author like Alexandria Infante has to move on in order to make it in this business, when 100s of authors out there can barely write, and still make the "Times Best Seller" list; but authors like her continue to get shit, and continue to struggle in this genre. 

This writing market is basically the adult world of "Mean Girls."
If you aren't "Cool" enough...or "You're Different," from that cliche cooker cutter trite out there...than the masses won't touch you, or the mean girls make it a point to cock block you at every turn.

This is the reason why many women of color label their books Multicultural, so they don't have to deal with this shite. 

It breaks my heart that everyday in this IR & MC world, someone else gets to put their belief on what this genre is...and the mindless drones follow them as if they speak the holy message from God.

What then happens is we lose amazing authors like Alie, SC Edwards, and a host of others who don't want to jump through the mean girls hoops, just to be a writer; so they take their work to "others" who will appreciate them. And the crazy funny part is, when they do this; they then become a "Sell Out" to their race and culture...when you never appreciated them in the first place!

When you don't allow other authors to become a part of, or basically do all that you can to make them feel uninvited because you want to "Praise a certain race," you are no better than the white racist who want an entire white society...and unfortunately...people of color can't see that they are falling into the same crap that racist white people are.

I will continue to support her, and shout from the roof tops that her shit is the bomb...until the masses hear it!

This kind of crap makes me sick, and makes me not want to publish myself, as a biracial woman.
We have to stop this crap, we are all people of color, and my journey, Alie's or any other multiracial or biracial woman's journey is just as fucking important as the next.

Jen out!
I'm completely disgusted today...thank God for the hot Hawaiian men on this fricken beach right now!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Guest Bloggers!!!

Author Alexandria Infante. 
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...A Lite Farie Tale...Soledo Witches...Bayou Blues Series...

Hey Hay Readers!!!
I'm Looking for Guest Bloggers!

Have you ever wanted to write a blog or synopsis on a book(especially anything from Alexandria Infante or Aurele Parker), but are just not into the whole time consuming blogging culture?

But you want readers to know what you think?

If you love romance, and would love to let our readers know why...hit me up!

Got something you'd like to share, just absolutely love Romance in all forms?

Well send me what you got!

I'll be hosting Romance Guest Bloggers on the Blogs and websites starting this weekend.

Let our readers know why you love this genre!

(we have prizes too for the best ones!)

Jen Out!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kick Ass Spring Contest!!!!

Author Alexandria Infante. 
 This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...A Lite Farie Tale...Soledo Witches...Bayou Blues Series...

Hey Hey My Awesome readers out there!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Author Alexandria Infante. This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...A Lite Farie Tale...Soledo Witches...Bayou Blues Series...

Hey hey my lovelies!!!

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Coming Soon....

Author Alexandria Infante. This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...A Lite Farie Tale...Soledo Witches...Bayou Blues Series...

Hey Hey Hey!

So I'm pretty excited for the Coming releases for this summer.

Alexandria is looking at July and Aug for release dates, and boy am I jonesin!
I read a new excerpt from Gladys...and man I cannot wait to read this book.
So not much to report until then lol, which is why I haven't posted anything since Jan.

Although both her and Aurele have some new Contemporary if you wanna check them out, then head on over to;

Jenny Out! 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Updates...for 2017...

Author Alexandria Infante. 
This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...A Lite Farie Tale...Soledo Witches...Bayou Blues Series...

Hey... Hey... Hey... 
my awesome readers out there!!!

Jenny IIP here with just a lil update on what's going on in our paranormal world! 

Alexandria will begin working on the next installments in the Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn series...the A Lite Farie Tale series...the Soledo Witch series...and the Bayou Blues; Louisiana Pack Alliance series.

TBMD: Book 14 Gladys
AFT: Book 6: Realms End?
BYB: Luc & Izzy
SWS: To Catch a Witch

I sooo can't wait.
Now, if you've stayed up to date on the books in the Series, then you know that some serious shenanigans have been going on! 


I cannot fricken believe that Gamora is Arieanna's grandmother!
So obviously it's the reason for the weird shit where her magick is concerned that we've been seeing in the last couple of books. 
Not even sure how Auron is going to take that, you guys know he has issues with the power, and has since day one. I swear I wish Auron would just man tf up! We saw a little bit of his "True Alpha" in Renewal, so I'm hopping he starts acting like the Alpha wolf he was centuries ago. But what has me concerned is the fact that Gamora is her grandmother, and if Arieanna does go dark, then so will Auron, Seph, Jeff, Stenos, and Gaelen; because remember they're all f'n linked to her!

Man, I just can't wait for this fricken book.
But can you guys fricken imagine SEPH dark...that will not be cool! LOL, fun...but so not cool! LOL.
I am so on pins & needles where this series is going. I just wished more people knew about it so I'd have tons of people to convasate bout this wit lol.
Cristen Mankasingh we seriously need to be convasatin on this! LOL!
For you guys out there following the books and the blog...
Tell me what you guys think if you've stayed up on the books?
But I'm also totally concerned about Gaelen? 
That kid is going to have some serious mofo power! And if he can align his brothers, then we've got some serious crap/shit coming, especially since he's linked to his mama!
Seriously can't wait for book 14....


Ready for To Catch a Witch?
We're seeing more of the crossovers, and I'm loving it. 
I know some people don't, but I love how she connects the characters, because it reminds me of my family totally! 
Basically once they find Freddi the prophecy will come true.
And omg, Magnus! 
Wtf will he do once he finds out that the Council were the ones who blocked him, Waverly, Bart and Ferris? Not to mention that the Council bound them from what they could truly do if they ever found each other! Just the fact that centuries ago when Magnus became Nexion and took on Malik's demon power, then transferred it to the others unknowingly means some serious dark magick!
And Magnus has tried so hard to be good (sad face) it would suck if he turned dark after all this time, and where would that leave Em?
This series is getting epic!  


Now that Luc has been in contact with Lye and Auron, WTH is gonna happen?
And At the end of the book tho! 
I'm totally into cliffhangers myself. I know that some people aren't, and the two star by a reader for this book on amazon blatantly says that. But I love them, because it's just like a t.v series finale.
Also, they probably didn't read the author's note that told them it was not only a crossover, but it was linked to the other books???
I was like what the hell? 
Did he just turn IZZY! OMG!
I seriously need to find out what the hell is going to happen. 
July is looking so fricken far away right now!
And Simma, that old bitch has some serious evil up her sleeve, and I can't wait for Arieanna to find out that she took blood from her!

Bek is seriously on one, but even so I am loving the Dark!
Not only does he sound hotter, but did you guys see where we find out that Obereion is actually Thor?
That is soo cool!
I know like some readers had an issue with that, but I'm like people she's a mythology professor, Thor is not owned by Marvel, so just f'n get over it.
Read the book, and if you still think it sucks after that, them I'm cool because that's your opinion.
I also want to see what's going to happen between Prince Kailen and Prince Kheelen, especially after he kidnapped Jobey!
Saix is seriously going to go on the warpath, and I can't wait to see what happens.
Is Kheelen seriously trying to bind Jobey to him?
Just crazy!
I swear guys you have to be reading these series!
I'm telling you readers, if you haven't been reading her books, you seriously need to!

those are my updates, with a few spoilers for you oldies and new info for you newbies!
Alie will actually be posting a new video on the website later check it out @ on the latest in the series, what to expect, when they'll be released and how the new year will play out in them.

I do what I do for FREE!
I don't get any perks from it, except that I receive ARC and love what I do for them!
I am PA to Alexandria Infante and her writing partner Aurele Parker ( I love what they write. I am not paid, (except maybe in books lol) so it's complete love for me.

I think Alexandria is an under-acknowledge author who writes like fiya!
I just wished more readers knew about her.

Jenny out! ;)