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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Book Trailers...or Nah

Author Alexandria Infante. This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn...A Lite Farie Tale...Soledo Witches...Bayou Blues Series...

Hay Hay Hay...
Jen here...

So I was just curious. Alie, Aurie and S.K and I were just discussing this yesterday, and I thought I'd ask the readers what they thought.

Do you think that Book Trailers actually help authors sale books?

This is your chance to leave me not only suggestions, but likes, dislikes about characters, what book should come out next, how much you love Interracial Romance, why you read Interracial Romance, and who is your book boyfriend (it doesn't have to be any of my books lol)

Remember...posting gets you free reads :)

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