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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Author Alexandria Infante. This is the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series

after much contemplating and wrangling with myself, I have solved the conundrum of to indie publish or just wait for another traditional publisher.

Okay, most you know that A Lad's Trousers will be released from EternalPress the 1st of Aug. and I'm totally excited about that. But I started doing some research into indie publishing, and was amazed at just how many authors are actually doing this, and the fact that its very reputable!
I got loads of info from LinkedIn, and it just seems more feasible, economic, and actually fun to do this myself.

So, I thought why not self published books 1 of the Fae series Teacher's Pet, Book 2 Teach Me the Night, and book 1 Educating Lies of the Contemporary women's fiction. So I started to diligently look into that, and the royalties thing alone made my hair stand up. I was both shocked and elated.

What does this mean? 

It means that those three titles above, I will be publishing myself so start looking for them starting June 15th @ Amazon, Create Space and a host of other sites
~Alie out
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