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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Don't Need You...But I Want You hooplah!!! I am sooo loving it!

Author Alexandria Infante.
 This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series

Well Hey Er'body...

I know it's been a while, especially with the blog hop snafu; but we're good now.
Latest update:

Well I just released  I Don't Need You...But I Want You and I have been laughing non stop by the emails. There is also the book trailer on youtube, so you guys should check that out as well. I'll upload the link to the blog sometime today.
So in honor of that, I've decided to dedicate a section on the blog to it, where you guys can have at it! Tell me what you truly think, I am so open for that. I have gotten such awesome resoinses, that I'm thinking of making it into a serial, and have already started comprising book 2. This should be loads of fun.

Grave Reviews; Meghan was released as well, but I'm sad to say it got swamped out by the reactions to IDNBWY, lol, so promo for this week will be GR Meghan lol. We need to show her some love.

I'm revamping the TBMD &  ALFT series trailers, and those should be up on youtube by the end of the weekend.

As well, I'm finishing up Book 12 in the TBMD series, and there will be a lot of surprises guys; you can best believe it.

Still working on A Queen Among Thieves, and it should be out by Halloween. Keep your fingers crossed, I got side tracked by IDNBIWY lol.

As well as book for Gata, to the LFT series. Busy Busy, not to mention my trip to New York. I hope to get lots of material for my contemporary line while there.

Last but not least. I had no clue that Facebook didn't have IR sections in Romance books groups except for one, so I started two of my own. One for Paranormal, and the other for Historical. Stop on by and check them out.

Interracial Paranormal Romance
Interracial Historical Romance. Just type it into the search bar, and they'll both pop up ;)

So that's pretty much it guys, and I'll keep you posted.

Have an awesome day Guys!!!

And Me See Those Comments!
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